Wednesday, March 12, 2008

so lazy

I have been in a slacker slump. Not really hard for me to accomplish. I have been doing stuff. Just in my own head type of stuff.
I am getting really tired of this big fat pregnant goat. It is most annoying for me not to have a due date. When I breed the goats there will be records. She is close, so close but could be a week off. STILL. Her tendons are loose, she is swollen, she has contractions. But where is the Goo?
I long to see goo.
I tell you, I take her for long hikes, I visit multiple times of day. I wake up at 2:30 in the morning and resist the urge to go check.
I have OCD tendencies, and this is not helping.
Gosh darn creature.
I do adore her. She is so much like a dog.
Goats are dreamy.
I still feel like I betrayed my birds.
My kids want to do workbooks again.
Spring is screwing with me.
My microwave broke.
 E is potty training.
Poop is an issue.
 I just feel so.
I am officially done with winter.
I am ready to exhale, be barefoot, chase frogs.
I have been perusing literature for next years reading with the kids. The world is filled with so many amazing books. Since the kids are so into doing work lately, I mean they have been loving doing work. Bizarre. I may consider trying to use Sonlight secularly next year. The books are awesome. It is a bit Charlotte Masonish, it is light on the workbooks but enough to keep them happy. Plus, it would be simple to keep records in case that ever became an issue. You just never know. The state has been doing some wacky things and reporting families to DCF. 
What a nightmare.
 We had friends over for dinner on Sunday. Their little boy was so funny. He kept yelling at his mom.
" Listen, I want to be Homeschooled."
He was cracking me up.
Not so much his Mom.
So that's where I have been.
In my head and in the barn.
Send some goat labor vibes over.
I only have a few marbles left.-K


whimsigal said...

"Poop is an issue"

What a statement!! LOL

Gosh, I hope your goat goes into labor soon!! It must be hard waiting for that to happen.


Pax said...

Have your goat watch:

It will get her in the right frame of mind.

Pax said...

Or try this one:

Don't worry. This is a Work Zone Safe video.

Anthony said...

Its good to hear you guys are still around. I am sure the waiting is hard for the kid to appear - hang in there.