Saturday, March 8, 2008

So far

Well, it's raining today, but it is so warm. It was so lovely that I cleaned the yard just to be out in it. 
My hair got wet.
My glasses fogged.
I did not care.
The goat faked me out yesterday. She had goo coming from her area that would have goo coming from it, if one were going to give birth.
 Man, I never in my life thought that I would stare so intrigued, at goat ass. She thinks I am a freak too. She puts down her tail and backs up to the wall, because she knows that I am going stare at it and beg for some sign that this chapter is closing to an end.
It's not. 
There is no goo. 
Nanny goats areas are squeaky clean.
Well, for a goat.
So we wait.
And stare at goat ass.
Even E will keep looking " Where Goo?"
"Mama, les go to the Barm an look for goo!"
So not normal.
Anyway, today, I re-homed my parrots of two years. It's a bittersweet day. I liked the one bird Rosie, but she was shy and did not "have me". But the other bird, a Monk or also known as a Quaker did. He was a feisty little thing. He breathed attitude. He used to be handleable, and sweet. But life with the kids, lack of time and such, he became not hand friendly. We would chat back and forth. He was such a cool little dude. Handsome and charming in a birdlike way.
I re-homed him with a 19 year old girl who has many birds. She is a bird person. She will spend time with them, and I know they will be better off there. 
Still sucks.
 There is such an empty space in their corner. It's so sad. I'll get over it.
 I'll just get more chickens is all!
 Barn will be done in like 10 days. It's coming along amazingly. So stellar, for a barn.  Our barn is on their website. See: The bottom two photos. Obviously before photos!:
If you ever need barn work, these guys are the real deal. A pleasure to work with.
K had swimming today, He is such a kook. Just loves that class. He is having some hearing issues. He has my ears I guess. I need to bring him back to the Dr. 
Here are some examples:
"K, I am going to put my shoes on."
"Mom, I don't want any gum"
Next one:
E says " I found a feather last day" 
K hears " My name is not friend today"
After I asked why he is laughing.
It's funny around here. 
M is headed off for a snooze over tonight, and then another on Monday. The girl has been making plans. She deserves her girl time. She is such a good kid. 
Anyway, That's all so far. We just hung out here and played this week. We had a warm spell and took full advantage of it. 
C'mon spring!-K


julie said...

I am glad that you were able to find a good home for your bird friends!!

Kim said...

I laughed every time you said "goat ass". I'm so immature :)

Hope you find some goo soon!