Tuesday, March 4, 2008

signs of spring

Yesterday was a lovely warm day. We spent some time outside and were able to spot a few signs of spring. 
The kids were mostly excited about a dead frog in the river. M was pretty sure it was stiff because it was frozen in suspended animation. I assured her by the bloated tongue and decaying eye balls, that it was toast. Non the less it is parked on our picnic bench to see if it will move. 
It's pretty much not moving.
 I will be sure to think of it during the summer when the kids put their hot dogs right on that table. 
 We unblocked some pipes that run under the barn road. They were blocked up with sticks and leaves. This allowed for the river to run over the road, eroding some of the black top and causing a cave in.
Incidentally this got us back on the subject of beaver dams and the damage they cause by flooding.
I love the connectivity of life's lessons. 
I really do.
Anyway, while at the river we spotted the beginning signs of emerging skunk cabbage and other pretty green things. M got water in her boots, K's boot was invaded by snow, both headed in. I think their hands were pretty cold from icy frog creek water.
E and I headed up to the barn to take Leyla for a walk. She is getting very close to having her baby(ies). She has increased her peeing. Her udder is getting really big. Yesterday, I noticed that she pawed the ground some. All good signs. I have been checking on her a lot. I would not be surprised if the babies were here by the weeks end.
I would not be surprised if they weren't either.
I know all about babies and the end of pregnancy.
 It's a tricky waiting game is all I'm saying.
While at the barn, E and I heard and saw really big hawks calling for mates, a turkey vulture doing the same. Then, best of all, Great horned owls! Three of them calling to each other in the woods. 
E said "What those birds saying?"
 "They want a date with Dr. Love."
"Ohh! Dr. Love? Stupid birds."
The owl hooted again.
E yells to it, "Dr. Love not here!"-K

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