Wednesday, March 19, 2008

kids and kids

I'm a day behind again.
Damn kids.
Ha ha.
Wednesday was yucky. Like it always is when I invite a bunch of kids over to play. We had 5 kids over for a play to be more factual. So 8 various aged monkeys flying around here. 18 mos to 8 to be quite exact. It was great and we all had fun and chatted, and ate junk food, and played in the rain on the swing set, and held the cutest little goats. It was really fun. Too bad it wasn't a nicer day for more outside play.
 Look at how many cookies M sold! Pretty cool. Too bad I have to sort them out by order and collect all the booty and all that. I would be a lousy scout leader, I am only up for organizing things RARELY. We would have a bunch of unstructured Brownies with no Badges!
 They would be the Unbrownies.
 I still have to visit the neighbors. I have a case of Samoas to sell.
 How much do you want to bet that I will have to write out a check for that Motherload because we will open them one at a time and eat them rather than pitch to the neighbors?
I milked Leyla today. Her udder was SO full. I was feeling for her. I remember nursing my kids and those painful first few days of oversupply.
You know ( if you ever were a lactating female), 
"My milk has come in. Let me die now, or feed 10 6 month old hungry babies in a row. How much bigger can these things get before they tear? Get me a wheelchair so they do not move while I walk" memories.
 For a first time milker, she was patient and just stood there. It must have been some sort of relief. I did not want to contribute to her oversupply issues, so I just took half a large Mason jar worth. Some from each teat to ease the pressure.
 Maybe I should make her sage tea and put cabbage leaves on her udder.
I should become a CCLC. 
 That's a certified caprine lactation consultant. 
Cute. but, but maybe there are other overly nuturing lacto memoratic and kid obsessed wanna be farmers that would render my bizarre services.
 People do hire animal communicators. 
You don't know.
 Anyway, I cleaned her udder well first and teat dipped her after, but since I have never had her tested for communicable diseases, I chose to pasteurize. There are two methods, the 145 degree for a half hour method, or the flash method which is easier on the milk. Basically, I heated the milk in a double boiler to 165 for 15 seconds and then rapidly cooled down to 40 degrees.
It was super easy.
 She is no longer producing colostrum, but the milk is ultra thick, like cream. It was probably mostly fore milk as I did not milk her out. I can't imagine what the fattier hind milk must be like. Tooth paste? Plus, I'm sure the milk being produced is thick in order to fatten these luscious babes up. I am sure it will have less fat content in a few weeks. I poured some in my Vanilla Chai tea. I poured a capful of maple syrup in each of the kids cups, they thought it was some sort of divine milkshake. 
 Anyway, that's all the random crap I have been up to.-K

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