Monday, March 31, 2008

Jam packed

This has been a great weekend all around.  
We set up a 5 person tent in our living room and slept in it for two days. The kids loved it. A can sleep in wet mud, probably. So he had no trouble conking out. I did not sleep well the first night and as a result, I was OUT on night two. I am in need of a Kooshy sleeping bag pad! It was fun and the kids did great. As soon as summer gets it's slow butt here, we will camp in the front yard for two nights. Then we will migrate to the barn area which is quite a distance from the house, and it's dark, woodsy, and scarier. If we do well, we will be ready to travel. I like camping, and hope the kids will too. 
Then there was Earth Hour. We had so much fun! So much fun, that the kids want a weekly earth hour. We decided on Sat nights between 7-8 p.m., to have some fun lights out time. We told ghost stories by rechargeable lantern light. K had the best most creative stories. He even sang his way through a story. It was super cute. M's were ambiguously scary. She did not go into to much depth or details, because she was freaking her self out. E always had tales of monsters that eat butts.
 That is some scary stuff.
Then we played "Don't Break the Ice" for a while, and M drew cute tiny pictures on post it notes.
It was fun because it was dark, and our stories were funny.
It really was just fun being in the dark together.
Then on Sunday, K turned 5!
He was so happy. He now dresses himself, and snaps his own car seat without whining, because he is 5. He is proud of his new self imposed tasks. We had a great Family party, and BBQ which included onion rings. 
Onion rings are prized around here, just so you know.
He got a green machine.
That is SO cool, but his legs are a little too short. He just scoots himself around flintstone style.
 He got a Sonic hedgehog leapster game, and Better Batter Baseball(BBB). 
BBB is such a piece of crap! It is pretty much broken with proper use on day one. Less than 1/2 hour playtime. I am going to pack it up and return it and buy a cheap pitching machine. It is just flimsy plastic crap. Don't buy one.
He also got Matchbox Dino adventure. He loves that, because the Dino gets red eyes and roars!
Plus, it's about Matchbox cars.
M won a Nikki American Girl doll. Well, actually we paid for it, through a preschool auction. But she has read the Nikki books and loved them, and she saw it, and looked at me.
 Big eyes, pleading smile..
What was I supposed to do?
It is for a good cause.
Plus, Nikki is hard to get, and we got it for fair market value.
But, it was part of our most excellent weekend.
And so, it's Monday, and I am eeking out a schedule for myself.
I'm behind...-K
P.S. I will post K's Birthday pics when I get them off my Dad's Cam.

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Anthony said...

You guys had a great weekend! Ryan and I spent Earth hour sleeping!! while TOny and Sage watched tv in the dark. not too much excitment at our house.


I love the tent in the house.