Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I have been trying to get even more greener. I have stopped using the clothes dryer. It has been 5 or so days since we last used it.
 I went to Walmart and bought those clothes drying racks. I bought three of them as we do go through some serious amounts of clothes.  So far it has not been inconvenient, as we have enough clothes per person. If you had a small amount of items and had to wait for them to dry, that could be an issue. They seem to be drying relatively quickly as well. My house averages between 62-64, even when the heat is set to 60. 
Go figure.
In a warmer house they would dry in a snap.
 I plan to hang a big clothes line this summer. 
 I am still on that first batch of home made laundry detergent as well. I have been using 1/4 amounts in a full load. No issues, gets them clean. So I will continue with making it.
I also bought a steam Mop by shark. I love this thing. The only thing that I have noticed, is that it will leave streaks. I have remedied that by adding a few drips of vinegar in with the water. It says to use distiled water only and such, but I am ignoring that. It probably won't last as long, but if I get a few years I'll be happy. I figure that the cost of savings on the "green" cleaners alone will be worth it. Plus, not lugging dirty mop water all over will be lovely. It has terry cloth removable pads that you wash. So no throwing out tons of pads per year either. I think I will order more pads, so I can change them per room. They only come with two. 
I may have a vacuuming addiction, but I clearly do not have one for mopping. I only mop twice monthly. With three dogs and three kids, it ain't pretty.
While I was in green frenzy, I bought the Shark steamer Jr. as well. It is a hand help unit that you can steam lots of things with. It has been lovely on toilets and counter tops. However, it does seem easier to grab a rag and spray than to wait for the plugged in unit to heat up. But, I am patient as I know that I am trying to see the big picture. It is pure convenience that got this planet in this mess in the first place. 
I am getting to like life in the slow lane. Raising chickens takes time, but fresh eggs and humanely treated, non garbage fed poultry is worth it. 
The nail biting wait for babies, and multiple trips to the barn to care for the goat is satisfying, but a responsibility none the less. But, fresh milk every morning is not a reward?
Raising kids to be free thinkers is self sacrificial, but is the ingenuity and love of learning not worth the lack of "free time'?
Hanging clothes out to dry and tilling a garden might be taking a step back in this technology rich, fast food era. But it seems to me that the terms global warming and childhood obesity were not entrenched in our everyday vocabulary 20 years ago either.
Just some food for thought.-K


Kim said...

Right on, Sista!

Michael said...

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