Friday, March 28, 2008

Fly by

Well, I have been a busy cucumber.  I did not want to be a busy beaver or really any other piece of produce.
 I am going with cucumber.
I have been busy on the computer and the phone, trying to locate a new Doe or Doeling for Leyla. I have been following up on homes for our Bucklings. I find out tonight if that family will take them. If not, I have a home for one as a breeding Buck. Maybe I will keep the second until I have a new doe. 
Oh, geez, I never told you the kids, our baby bucklings, names. M named them Scooby and Freddy.
If they were girls, Velma and Daphne. If they were boy and girl, Shaggy and Daphne. 
M always has things planned to a T. 
 I find out next week if I get the Doe that is pictured above. Her name is Mini Clue. M wants to call her Daisy though. She is pretty, right? I am second in line for her. If I don't get her, I am first in line for any does that will be born on that farm. The due date for the next kidding is 4-29. So, that's a ways off and with my luck, it will be a litter of bucklings!
Our barn is way behind schedule. The hardware for mounting the doors has not arrived, and neither has the pine boarding. To top things off, the Master Carpenters house burned down! Not all of it, but the entire second story.
 That'll throw a little slow in the project! I feel terrible for him though.
How bad does that suck?
Today is yucky, but we have a playdate this afternoon, and I need to muck out the goat stall.
 I need to buy a yard cart, shavings, straw and all that to get it done. That will kill the morning.
 I milked the Goat this morning with the Udderly EZ. Her teats were not used to it, but eventually we got it going. She will get used to it over time though. It was slower than hand milking. I was frustrated, she was all  What the hell?" I will give it two weeks. 
I found a picture of Leyla as a baby from the original farm she came from. How cute was she?
I feel all over the place. I need to eek out a schedule for my new chores.
Everything is running into each other.-K

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