Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Things happen when you least expect them. I was walking up to the barn and then, a blue flash. I though it was what it indeed was. But I thought while holding my breath that I was just drunk inhaling all of this spring weather.
 I stalked the blue flash as it twitted deeper and deeper into the tree line, and then it rested as it casually stalked it.
 It was indeed an Eastern bluebird. All this time walking around the woods, as a child, a teenager and then a very nature oriented bigger person; I have never definitively have seen a Bluebird.
They have eluded me as successfully as mainstream mentality.
 But then it gets even better. I notice many birds, hoping about the trees close to my treasured find and I. This place is hopping brimfull of bluebirds! 
 Too bad the kids were hanging back at the house. I hope that the barn area is their haunt, because then it would be even more heidier.
Maybe, I should take up yodeling.
Anyway, it made my day.
A bluebird.
Spring weather.
And a nice family interested in buying the bucklings came for a visit. I really like them. I hope they decide to take the boys. If they back out, I have someone interested in one as a breeding buck. 
Not a bad deal for a horny goat.
The disbudding aka frying the nubs, seemed to go well. It wasn't as cruel and gruesome as I anticipated. They were back to their springy self right after. I guess we'll see if there is horn growth in a few weeks to see if we need a do over.
Kids played outside most of the day. We mostly played with the creek, but also just hung out. Rode various things with wheels, and k was on a peeper hunt. The boy is obsessed with peepers.
Peepa peepa peepa.....
He has got it pretty down with his high little boy voice. 
My heart melts when he goes all peeper on me.
Oh, Parents, please get a hold of and read  "Last Child In The Woods" by Richard louv
It is my favorite parenting book to date. It's not a parenting book, but it is to me.
I believe every line written in that book.
 It's message has been etched in my soul.
 Read this book and take the kids to see the bluebirds.-K


Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

Missing you at playgroup and hope you return soon!

MamaK said...

Hey C!
My kids just want to play outside in the creek. There hasn't been many littler ones at group the last few times, and so they got bored. Now it's hard to convince them! They said they will go for sure when it's warm and they can play OUTSIDE. I told them I am holding them to it. I miss you guys too! Warmer weather is coming!-K

Beverly said...

I get excited over bluebirds, too. I had two fly through my yard and land on a tree one year. They were just passing through, but I'll never forget it.