Saturday, March 15, 2008

Feeling good

I think I needed some fresh air and sunshine. I truly believe I was having a week of the doldrums. 
Low Vitamin D and all.
 We had a taste of spring and then winter ripped the damn rug out from under me. I was reeling. 
There were a lot of angry "WTF's?" sounding off in my head. 
Yesterday was the day of recovery that I (we) so needed. We were outside from noon till 6:30 p.m  We even ate lunch on a blanket in the yard.
We rode bikes, and scooters and plasma cars. We walked the goat, we mined gems from the boulder pile. We played with Ryan and Julie, We went for ice cream, we ran around the local riding ring, we hiked a trail, I found a tick on my pants, we had a brownie meeting, we played with about 10 kids outside running for an hour, we went out for pizza with A. 
Great day in the morning!
 Is that not a saying in the south? I'm not sure...
I can't wait for consistently nicer warmer weather.
Winter did it again. Today is chilly and dreary.
 I don't care because I'm still relishing yesterday.
 And it's my friend Sherri's ( Birthday bash tonight.
Woo Woo!
You all will never believe this! I don't even care about the goats non laborious state!
Nope not me!
I am actually hoping she will hold out for K's birthday. Wouldn't that be neat? That we got her on E's birthday and she gifts us with babies on K's. Most people would not care about that. 
But I am not most people.
 Anyway maybe she could at least hold out for equinox.
Just not tonight. Because I am going out for good food and drink.
Murphy's law and all that though, huh.
Wouldn't that be a kicker?
Kids are doing great.
 M and K are still imposing a sit down learning time for themselves. They also like to set up a class using their "Dangerous book for boys", and "Daring book for girls" books.
 These really should be our spines.
If you do not have these books, I can't recommend them highly enough. The kids really reference them often as well as flip pages for the hell of it. 
Great stuff!-K

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