Saturday, March 1, 2008

Beavers and wildlife talk

So yesterday, my parents came over to hang out. We had plans to go to Peabody museum to see the fly fishing exhibition. But by the time we all got ready to go it was 3:30, and the place closes at 5:00. Instead we decide to go see the beavers that inhabit our towns swimming hole. Apparently during the last warm spell, they felled 12 trees.
We get to the lake and start our walk around, At the half way point, we were freezing. The kids were complaining. 
They even said that they hated beavers. M said that we did not need to see every animal in the world. I told that we did, and that next year we were going to the Arctic to camp for a week with walruses and polar bears. 
If looks could kill.
I eventually got them around to the side where the Beaver activity was. It was amazing. Their teeth are like chisels. They were quite determined.
Eager beavers!
We did the speedy tour and plan to go back and take a second look in spring like weather.
Maybe we will see active animals, because they were smart and stayed inside yesterday.
M and I went to to the town talk last night. It was fun. It was a mostly older crowd. There was another child there. His Mom was the speaker. It was basically about the common wildlife around here and what to do if issues arise between us and them. That animals do things for a good reason and we need to figure out the cause of the behavior and fix that. They also had mystery situations that we had to solve. I got them wrong! They were hard.
I learned a few tricks. 
One new fact I learned is that during the first month of a fawn's life, the Mother deer will park it in a safe area and leave it, only visiting it to nurse twice a day. It is because the newborn deer does not have a scent. The Mother does, so the baby is actually safer hidden. So if you find an alone fawn in the woods or your yard, leave it be and just keep a watchful eye. Many people take the baby thinking it's abandoned.
Another neat thing we learned is that if you think you find abandoned baby animals, you can sprinkle white flour all around the nest site and then be able to see if the Mama is leaving tracks. 
Neat, huh?
We like the talked, we liked the home baked goods too. The old ladies dug M. They eventually found out she was a homeschooler. 
" Do you go to school here? Are you in Miss so and so's class?
No, I homeschool.
She made a great impression for all homeschoolers.
 They just ate her up. and gave her more cookies.
We had a nice snowfall last night. Today we are attempting to take all 3 kids to the ski area. 


Pax said...

In the spring you guys will have to see the beaver dam at Partrick Wetlands. They really are amazing builders.

julie said...

Hurray you got to see some Beaver trees! That is so cool. Maybe we can do a beaver lesson plan and build a dam in your creek : )

Three Mommies said...

Those beaver photos are amazing! I want to see your beaver home/swimming hole!