Monday, March 3, 2008

Art Room

Remember I said that when we get our new dining room table, we were going to put the old one in the old play room? 
Well, we did and it's the art room now. 
No more picking clay out of carpet or scraping off the floor, or finding rainbow dog poop in the yard. No more creational disasters all over the house. We now have a room that can be trashed. It has pergo floors, the walls can be repainted at some point, and I think it will look cool with splatters on the wall and glitter on the floor. 
 I am so down with that.
It will look productive.
 It has a huge closet that stores our supplies. I used an old toy bin to organize ribbons, stickers, beads and baubles, feathers and the like. There are shelves for papers, and a five tiered storage bin for crayons, pencils, markers, scissors, glues, paintbrushes, and water colors. I also found this cool bungee cord with clips attached to hang art work. Saves a lot of tack holes to putty up in the future! It's lovely to have a room for all of this.
The kids have been busting out creation after creation this morning.
K is feeling better!
Skiing was a disaster as in it never happened.
The website said ski school was at 1:30. We got there at 1:40 after dressing the kids in the car, and 2 out of 3 kids falling in a huge mud puddle.
We arrived at the ski school 1:45ish to be informed that ski school started at 1:00.
I was so pissed.
 We went home, and vowed to make it there the next day.
Sunday was warm and would have been a swell day.
 A got sick with whatever K mutated. So we are on for next week with out E. He is too young for ski school, and damn it, I want two hours of skiing to myself while the older 2 are in ski class.
C'mon, I made him an art room. ;-)-K

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