Monday, March 31, 2008

Jam packed

This has been a great weekend all around.  
We set up a 5 person tent in our living room and slept in it for two days. The kids loved it. A can sleep in wet mud, probably. So he had no trouble conking out. I did not sleep well the first night and as a result, I was OUT on night two. I am in need of a Kooshy sleeping bag pad! It was fun and the kids did great. As soon as summer gets it's slow butt here, we will camp in the front yard for two nights. Then we will migrate to the barn area which is quite a distance from the house, and it's dark, woodsy, and scarier. If we do well, we will be ready to travel. I like camping, and hope the kids will too. 
Then there was Earth Hour. We had so much fun! So much fun, that the kids want a weekly earth hour. We decided on Sat nights between 7-8 p.m., to have some fun lights out time. We told ghost stories by rechargeable lantern light. K had the best most creative stories. He even sang his way through a story. It was super cute. M's were ambiguously scary. She did not go into to much depth or details, because she was freaking her self out. E always had tales of monsters that eat butts.
 That is some scary stuff.
Then we played "Don't Break the Ice" for a while, and M drew cute tiny pictures on post it notes.
It was fun because it was dark, and our stories were funny.
It really was just fun being in the dark together.
Then on Sunday, K turned 5!
He was so happy. He now dresses himself, and snaps his own car seat without whining, because he is 5. He is proud of his new self imposed tasks. We had a great Family party, and BBQ which included onion rings. 
Onion rings are prized around here, just so you know.
He got a green machine.
That is SO cool, but his legs are a little too short. He just scoots himself around flintstone style.
 He got a Sonic hedgehog leapster game, and Better Batter Baseball(BBB). 
BBB is such a piece of crap! It is pretty much broken with proper use on day one. Less than 1/2 hour playtime. I am going to pack it up and return it and buy a cheap pitching machine. It is just flimsy plastic crap. Don't buy one.
He also got Matchbox Dino adventure. He loves that, because the Dino gets red eyes and roars!
Plus, it's about Matchbox cars.
M won a Nikki American Girl doll. Well, actually we paid for it, through a preschool auction. But she has read the Nikki books and loved them, and she saw it, and looked at me.
 Big eyes, pleading smile..
What was I supposed to do?
It is for a good cause.
Plus, Nikki is hard to get, and we got it for fair market value.
But, it was part of our most excellent weekend.
And so, it's Monday, and I am eeking out a schedule for myself.
I'm behind...-K
P.S. I will post K's Birthday pics when I get them off my Dad's Cam.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fly by

Well, I have been a busy cucumber.  I did not want to be a busy beaver or really any other piece of produce.
 I am going with cucumber.
I have been busy on the computer and the phone, trying to locate a new Doe or Doeling for Leyla. I have been following up on homes for our Bucklings. I find out tonight if that family will take them. If not, I have a home for one as a breeding Buck. Maybe I will keep the second until I have a new doe. 
Oh, geez, I never told you the kids, our baby bucklings, names. M named them Scooby and Freddy.
If they were girls, Velma and Daphne. If they were boy and girl, Shaggy and Daphne. 
M always has things planned to a T. 
 I find out next week if I get the Doe that is pictured above. Her name is Mini Clue. M wants to call her Daisy though. She is pretty, right? I am second in line for her. If I don't get her, I am first in line for any does that will be born on that farm. The due date for the next kidding is 4-29. So, that's a ways off and with my luck, it will be a litter of bucklings!
Our barn is way behind schedule. The hardware for mounting the doors has not arrived, and neither has the pine boarding. To top things off, the Master Carpenters house burned down! Not all of it, but the entire second story.
 That'll throw a little slow in the project! I feel terrible for him though.
How bad does that suck?
Today is yucky, but we have a playdate this afternoon, and I need to muck out the goat stall.
 I need to buy a yard cart, shavings, straw and all that to get it done. That will kill the morning.
 I milked the Goat this morning with the Udderly EZ. Her teats were not used to it, but eventually we got it going. She will get used to it over time though. It was slower than hand milking. I was frustrated, she was all  What the hell?" I will give it two weeks. 
I found a picture of Leyla as a baby from the original farm she came from. How cute was she?
I feel all over the place. I need to eek out a schedule for my new chores.
Everything is running into each other.-K

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Things happen when you least expect them. I was walking up to the barn and then, a blue flash. I though it was what it indeed was. But I thought while holding my breath that I was just drunk inhaling all of this spring weather.
 I stalked the blue flash as it twitted deeper and deeper into the tree line, and then it rested as it casually stalked it.
 It was indeed an Eastern bluebird. All this time walking around the woods, as a child, a teenager and then a very nature oriented bigger person; I have never definitively have seen a Bluebird.
They have eluded me as successfully as mainstream mentality.
 But then it gets even better. I notice many birds, hoping about the trees close to my treasured find and I. This place is hopping brimfull of bluebirds! 
 Too bad the kids were hanging back at the house. I hope that the barn area is their haunt, because then it would be even more heidier.
Maybe, I should take up yodeling.
Anyway, it made my day.
A bluebird.
Spring weather.
And a nice family interested in buying the bucklings came for a visit. I really like them. I hope they decide to take the boys. If they back out, I have someone interested in one as a breeding buck. 
Not a bad deal for a horny goat.
The disbudding aka frying the nubs, seemed to go well. It wasn't as cruel and gruesome as I anticipated. They were back to their springy self right after. I guess we'll see if there is horn growth in a few weeks to see if we need a do over.
Kids played outside most of the day. We mostly played with the creek, but also just hung out. Rode various things with wheels, and k was on a peeper hunt. The boy is obsessed with peepers.
Peepa peepa peepa.....
He has got it pretty down with his high little boy voice. 
My heart melts when he goes all peeper on me.
Oh, Parents, please get a hold of and read  "Last Child In The Woods" by Richard louv
It is my favorite parenting book to date. It's not a parenting book, but it is to me.
I believe every line written in that book.
 It's message has been etched in my soul.
 Read this book and take the kids to see the bluebirds.-K

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

time warp

Wow, Easter sure has a way of screwing up the old schedule, eh? Not like we have one, but I feel a little head spin going on.  We had a great Easter, how bout you? 
M, K and I dyed eggs, and foiled them as I was feeling extra Easterliscious. 
We all did so happily. Instead of  the old "This is fun. damn it. Smile and dip the damn egg. AND LIKE IT!"
That happens sometimes. You think things are going to be great. 
 Oh, we'll bake cookies today and talk about fractions!"
Half way through the damn batch you have yelled at the kids 12 times for bickering over who stirred the longest. You have yanked the mixer away from E, because he threw six shelled eggs in a pyrex and it's splattering the crap in cracks you did not even know your cabinets had. And now all three are crying, and you are hiding in a dark closet eating handfulls of chips.
You know, THOSE kind of fuzzy plans.
But we had two successful egg hunts, sharing of gifts, happy day.
We had a day after Easter egg hunt and cookie party at Sherri's house. Super fun way to extend the it's not Monday LA LA LA ness.
M and K started pottery again. Well, it was K's first class. He loved it!
 I will share pics of M's projects from the last classes.
They are wicked cute!
 Goats are doing well, getting big. We have to disbud them tomorrow. Also known as frying the nubs. Basically, we need to stop the horns from growing. Next we have to castrate them.
That'll be just lovely.
 I already have Ad's running on Craigslist to sell them. They really will be ready to go in a month. 
 I'll miss them. 
 I have a few bites from people who want to keep them as pets. There are others that like to buy them to eat. They have not contacted me yet. It's all part of the deal I guess.
 I have dreams of a good life for them, not a fork.
 We'll see...
 I am searching for a new doe to keep with Leyla, so she has a friend. And so that I can alternate the breedings.
Milking is going well, I have a vacuum extractor coming. It's called "Udderly EZ". 
 It takes a long time to milk her and my hands get really tired. 
Bring on the mechanical suction!
WooHoo, suction!-K

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

kids and kids

I'm a day behind again.
Damn kids.
Ha ha.
Wednesday was yucky. Like it always is when I invite a bunch of kids over to play. We had 5 kids over for a play to be more factual. So 8 various aged monkeys flying around here. 18 mos to 8 to be quite exact. It was great and we all had fun and chatted, and ate junk food, and played in the rain on the swing set, and held the cutest little goats. It was really fun. Too bad it wasn't a nicer day for more outside play.
 Look at how many cookies M sold! Pretty cool. Too bad I have to sort them out by order and collect all the booty and all that. I would be a lousy scout leader, I am only up for organizing things RARELY. We would have a bunch of unstructured Brownies with no Badges!
 They would be the Unbrownies.
 I still have to visit the neighbors. I have a case of Samoas to sell.
 How much do you want to bet that I will have to write out a check for that Motherload because we will open them one at a time and eat them rather than pitch to the neighbors?
I milked Leyla today. Her udder was SO full. I was feeling for her. I remember nursing my kids and those painful first few days of oversupply.
You know ( if you ever were a lactating female), 
"My milk has come in. Let me die now, or feed 10 6 month old hungry babies in a row. How much bigger can these things get before they tear? Get me a wheelchair so they do not move while I walk" memories.
 For a first time milker, she was patient and just stood there. It must have been some sort of relief. I did not want to contribute to her oversupply issues, so I just took half a large Mason jar worth. Some from each teat to ease the pressure.
 Maybe I should make her sage tea and put cabbage leaves on her udder.
I should become a CCLC. 
 That's a certified caprine lactation consultant. 
Cute. but, but maybe there are other overly nuturing lacto memoratic and kid obsessed wanna be farmers that would render my bizarre services.
 People do hire animal communicators. 
You don't know.
 Anyway, I cleaned her udder well first and teat dipped her after, but since I have never had her tested for communicable diseases, I chose to pasteurize. There are two methods, the 145 degree for a half hour method, or the flash method which is easier on the milk. Basically, I heated the milk in a double boiler to 165 for 15 seconds and then rapidly cooled down to 40 degrees.
It was super easy.
 She is no longer producing colostrum, but the milk is ultra thick, like cream. It was probably mostly fore milk as I did not milk her out. I can't imagine what the fattier hind milk must be like. Tooth paste? Plus, I'm sure the milk being produced is thick in order to fatten these luscious babes up. I am sure it will have less fat content in a few weeks. I poured some in my Vanilla Chai tea. I poured a capful of maple syrup in each of the kids cups, they thought it was some sort of divine milkshake. 
 Anyway, that's all the random crap I have been up to.-K

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Damn it! The babies are here!

This is great, except I missed the whole birth! 
 Guess that just means will have to do it all over, real soon.
So ironic.
I should have known. Ha ha ha. I told you how weird she was yesterday. I should have known! Plus, there were the ligaments. I knew they were gone this morning, even last night. But I have misinterpreted this before. I swore they were gone  and then later I could feel them. I doubted myself. 
Damn newbie.
 This morning she did not want to go for a walk. She hardly ate breakfast, she laid down all morning. I even saw her paw the ground. 
So, even though I knew it, I though it would be later in the day. We would be home by 4. I thought things would progress slowly.
 She gave birth around 1:30. Luckily the barn guys were here and called A.  A called me. I yanked K out of his class and headed home. 
 A said that we did not miss much. She just plopped them out, and cleaned them up.
Leyla is quite attentive. The kids are beautiful. They are boys, so we will have to part with them and replace with a female. Leyla is a great Mom. She seems so happy and content, I'm glad that she won't be lonely anymore.
What a better a way to pass your time than by nurturing your kids?-K

Monday, March 17, 2008


that are going on, that we did, that transpired today.  Well, it started off chilly but morphed into another great day. You can tell by the pics. Don't they just look pleasant enough?
 The barn guys came here today after a 2 weeks off to gather supplies and finish other open ended projects. I can't wait to have a real barn soon. 
I will feel so farmly.
Goat. The goat. She has been giving me real goo lately. I will refrain from goat ass pictures until she is ultra gooey. Then you are all in for it. Be forewarned.
 Yesterday and today, goo. I'll just say any day now. This way I don't get myself in a tizzy. I'm excited as it "appears" to be getting close now. Plus, she is so weird today. She is not usually weird. She is just a sensible predictable goat.
Today she is a loon.
I hope that means something. She normally just follows us around when we take her for a walk. Today she was heading in opposite directions, not a care in the world, la ti da, just chewin my cud, and what?
Then she made a break for it. Her big barrel self running down a hill with me in hot persuit. Then as I got close, she faked me out and ran a quick left toward the creek.
What are you thinking, you preggo heathen beast?
So I had to heard her up the hill like a dog. 
It was so funny!
So the kids rolled down the hill into the mud in the jackets that were just washed.
 But it was fun. They just qualified themselves for a tick check tonight. 
M busted out her books today, just a happy little studious clam. She is diggin on the Mad Libs.
K has requested to be taught how to read. I showed him a few things I had lying around. Alpha phonics, 100 EZ, and Bob books. He wants all three.
Sherri's party was fun. NOLA style food. 
Fried Chicken
Collard Greens
Corn Bread
Pulled pork
Red velvet Cake
interesting people who invented the vogue 
Drew presenting her with a plastic medal A-1 style
Classic Drew
Good times.
 Then I get home around 12:30 a.m and proceed to watch shows like Desperate Housewives, and something else that I never saw either with my Mom until 2 a.m.
It was goofy. The next day I was totally lazy, A was grouchy. He made us all a Corned beef and Cabbage dinner, complete with Soda Bread for all of us. I did not help. Because I was lazy. His Sis and husband joined us. 
It was a great way to while away another weekend, waiting for goat babies.-K

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Please watch this video

This is a twenty minute video.
 It may seem long, but it is so important. 
Because it's true.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Feeling good

I think I needed some fresh air and sunshine. I truly believe I was having a week of the doldrums. 
Low Vitamin D and all.
 We had a taste of spring and then winter ripped the damn rug out from under me. I was reeling. 
There were a lot of angry "WTF's?" sounding off in my head. 
Yesterday was the day of recovery that I (we) so needed. We were outside from noon till 6:30 p.m  We even ate lunch on a blanket in the yard.
We rode bikes, and scooters and plasma cars. We walked the goat, we mined gems from the boulder pile. We played with Ryan and Julie, We went for ice cream, we ran around the local riding ring, we hiked a trail, I found a tick on my pants, we had a brownie meeting, we played with about 10 kids outside running for an hour, we went out for pizza with A. 
Great day in the morning!
 Is that not a saying in the south? I'm not sure...
I can't wait for consistently nicer warmer weather.
Winter did it again. Today is chilly and dreary.
 I don't care because I'm still relishing yesterday.
 And it's my friend Sherri's ( Birthday bash tonight.
Woo Woo!
You all will never believe this! I don't even care about the goats non laborious state!
Nope not me!
I am actually hoping she will hold out for K's birthday. Wouldn't that be neat? That we got her on E's birthday and she gifts us with babies on K's. Most people would not care about that. 
But I am not most people.
 Anyway maybe she could at least hold out for equinox.
Just not tonight. Because I am going out for good food and drink.
Murphy's law and all that though, huh.
Wouldn't that be a kicker?
Kids are doing great.
 M and K are still imposing a sit down learning time for themselves. They also like to set up a class using their "Dangerous book for boys", and "Daring book for girls" books.
 These really should be our spines.
If you do not have these books, I can't recommend them highly enough. The kids really reference them often as well as flip pages for the hell of it. 
Great stuff!-K

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not goo

"Boys are found everywhere—on top of, underneath, inside of, climbing on, swinging from, running around or jumping to. Mothers love them, little girls hate them, older sisters and brothers tolerate them, adults ignore them and Heaven protects them. A boy is Truth with dirt on its face, Beauty with a cut on its finger, Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair and the Hope of the future with a frog in its pocket."
Author: Alan Beck
Oh, and with no pants.
 And boots.-K

She goo'd

Yesterday she gave me a little goo.
 Today she has nothing going on. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

so lazy

I have been in a slacker slump. Not really hard for me to accomplish. I have been doing stuff. Just in my own head type of stuff.
I am getting really tired of this big fat pregnant goat. It is most annoying for me not to have a due date. When I breed the goats there will be records. She is close, so close but could be a week off. STILL. Her tendons are loose, she is swollen, she has contractions. But where is the Goo?
I long to see goo.
I tell you, I take her for long hikes, I visit multiple times of day. I wake up at 2:30 in the morning and resist the urge to go check.
I have OCD tendencies, and this is not helping.
Gosh darn creature.
I do adore her. She is so much like a dog.
Goats are dreamy.
I still feel like I betrayed my birds.
My kids want to do workbooks again.
Spring is screwing with me.
My microwave broke.
 E is potty training.
Poop is an issue.
 I just feel so.
I am officially done with winter.
I am ready to exhale, be barefoot, chase frogs.
I have been perusing literature for next years reading with the kids. The world is filled with so many amazing books. Since the kids are so into doing work lately, I mean they have been loving doing work. Bizarre. I may consider trying to use Sonlight secularly next year. The books are awesome. It is a bit Charlotte Masonish, it is light on the workbooks but enough to keep them happy. Plus, it would be simple to keep records in case that ever became an issue. You just never know. The state has been doing some wacky things and reporting families to DCF. 
What a nightmare.
 We had friends over for dinner on Sunday. Their little boy was so funny. He kept yelling at his mom.
" Listen, I want to be Homeschooled."
He was cracking me up.
Not so much his Mom.
So that's where I have been.
In my head and in the barn.
Send some goat labor vibes over.
I only have a few marbles left.-K

Saturday, March 8, 2008

So far

Well, it's raining today, but it is so warm. It was so lovely that I cleaned the yard just to be out in it. 
My hair got wet.
My glasses fogged.
I did not care.
The goat faked me out yesterday. She had goo coming from her area that would have goo coming from it, if one were going to give birth.
 Man, I never in my life thought that I would stare so intrigued, at goat ass. She thinks I am a freak too. She puts down her tail and backs up to the wall, because she knows that I am going stare at it and beg for some sign that this chapter is closing to an end.
It's not. 
There is no goo. 
Nanny goats areas are squeaky clean.
Well, for a goat.
So we wait.
And stare at goat ass.
Even E will keep looking " Where Goo?"
"Mama, les go to the Barm an look for goo!"
So not normal.
Anyway, today, I re-homed my parrots of two years. It's a bittersweet day. I liked the one bird Rosie, but she was shy and did not "have me". But the other bird, a Monk or also known as a Quaker did. He was a feisty little thing. He breathed attitude. He used to be handleable, and sweet. But life with the kids, lack of time and such, he became not hand friendly. We would chat back and forth. He was such a cool little dude. Handsome and charming in a birdlike way.
I re-homed him with a 19 year old girl who has many birds. She is a bird person. She will spend time with them, and I know they will be better off there. 
Still sucks.
 There is such an empty space in their corner. It's so sad. I'll get over it.
 I'll just get more chickens is all!
 Barn will be done in like 10 days. It's coming along amazingly. So stellar, for a barn.  Our barn is on their website. See: The bottom two photos. Obviously before photos!:
If you ever need barn work, these guys are the real deal. A pleasure to work with.
K had swimming today, He is such a kook. Just loves that class. He is having some hearing issues. He has my ears I guess. I need to bring him back to the Dr. 
Here are some examples:
"K, I am going to put my shoes on."
"Mom, I don't want any gum"
Next one:
E says " I found a feather last day" 
K hears " My name is not friend today"
After I asked why he is laughing.
It's funny around here. 
M is headed off for a snooze over tonight, and then another on Monday. The girl has been making plans. She deserves her girl time. She is such a good kid. 
Anyway, That's all so far. We just hung out here and played this week. We had a warm spell and took full advantage of it. 
C'mon spring!-K

Thursday, March 6, 2008


K's toenail. 
It has fallen off. 
 As you can see, I am struggling with a topic today. As if I often have a single topic.
As if...
It was flapping open like a door. 
I won't sing the song again. Maybe just a little bit,
open shut them,open shut them, hear a little...
Oh, ok.
So he was getting more brazen in his toe nail manipulations. Then one day he and the nail just snapped.
You would have thought the boy had lost a tooth!
He just thought it was greatest most neatest thing. He was seeing his whole toe with out it's cap. 
Neato mosquito.
 I should have told him that there was a toe nail fairy. His head might have popped.
Mama had a baby and his head popped off!
Remember that one?
Anyway, he just loves that toe of his.
Thought I'd share since you heard the first part of the journey of the toe right here:
Didn't want to keep you hangin'
Ha ha ho hee ha ha...K

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I have been trying to get even more greener. I have stopped using the clothes dryer. It has been 5 or so days since we last used it.
 I went to Walmart and bought those clothes drying racks. I bought three of them as we do go through some serious amounts of clothes.  So far it has not been inconvenient, as we have enough clothes per person. If you had a small amount of items and had to wait for them to dry, that could be an issue. They seem to be drying relatively quickly as well. My house averages between 62-64, even when the heat is set to 60. 
Go figure.
In a warmer house they would dry in a snap.
 I plan to hang a big clothes line this summer. 
 I am still on that first batch of home made laundry detergent as well. I have been using 1/4 amounts in a full load. No issues, gets them clean. So I will continue with making it.
I also bought a steam Mop by shark. I love this thing. The only thing that I have noticed, is that it will leave streaks. I have remedied that by adding a few drips of vinegar in with the water. It says to use distiled water only and such, but I am ignoring that. It probably won't last as long, but if I get a few years I'll be happy. I figure that the cost of savings on the "green" cleaners alone will be worth it. Plus, not lugging dirty mop water all over will be lovely. It has terry cloth removable pads that you wash. So no throwing out tons of pads per year either. I think I will order more pads, so I can change them per room. They only come with two. 
I may have a vacuuming addiction, but I clearly do not have one for mopping. I only mop twice monthly. With three dogs and three kids, it ain't pretty.
While I was in green frenzy, I bought the Shark steamer Jr. as well. It is a hand help unit that you can steam lots of things with. It has been lovely on toilets and counter tops. However, it does seem easier to grab a rag and spray than to wait for the plugged in unit to heat up. But, I am patient as I know that I am trying to see the big picture. It is pure convenience that got this planet in this mess in the first place. 
I am getting to like life in the slow lane. Raising chickens takes time, but fresh eggs and humanely treated, non garbage fed poultry is worth it. 
The nail biting wait for babies, and multiple trips to the barn to care for the goat is satisfying, but a responsibility none the less. But, fresh milk every morning is not a reward?
Raising kids to be free thinkers is self sacrificial, but is the ingenuity and love of learning not worth the lack of "free time'?
Hanging clothes out to dry and tilling a garden might be taking a step back in this technology rich, fast food era. But it seems to me that the terms global warming and childhood obesity were not entrenched in our everyday vocabulary 20 years ago either.
Just some food for thought.-K

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

signs of spring

Yesterday was a lovely warm day. We spent some time outside and were able to spot a few signs of spring. 
The kids were mostly excited about a dead frog in the river. M was pretty sure it was stiff because it was frozen in suspended animation. I assured her by the bloated tongue and decaying eye balls, that it was toast. Non the less it is parked on our picnic bench to see if it will move. 
It's pretty much not moving.
 I will be sure to think of it during the summer when the kids put their hot dogs right on that table. 
 We unblocked some pipes that run under the barn road. They were blocked up with sticks and leaves. This allowed for the river to run over the road, eroding some of the black top and causing a cave in.
Incidentally this got us back on the subject of beaver dams and the damage they cause by flooding.
I love the connectivity of life's lessons. 
I really do.
Anyway, while at the river we spotted the beginning signs of emerging skunk cabbage and other pretty green things. M got water in her boots, K's boot was invaded by snow, both headed in. I think their hands were pretty cold from icy frog creek water.
E and I headed up to the barn to take Leyla for a walk. She is getting very close to having her baby(ies). She has increased her peeing. Her udder is getting really big. Yesterday, I noticed that she pawed the ground some. All good signs. I have been checking on her a lot. I would not be surprised if the babies were here by the weeks end.
I would not be surprised if they weren't either.
I know all about babies and the end of pregnancy.
 It's a tricky waiting game is all I'm saying.
While at the barn, E and I heard and saw really big hawks calling for mates, a turkey vulture doing the same. Then, best of all, Great horned owls! Three of them calling to each other in the woods. 
E said "What those birds saying?"
 "They want a date with Dr. Love."
"Ohh! Dr. Love? Stupid birds."
The owl hooted again.
E yells to it, "Dr. Love not here!"-K

Monday, March 3, 2008

Art Room

Remember I said that when we get our new dining room table, we were going to put the old one in the old play room? 
Well, we did and it's the art room now. 
No more picking clay out of carpet or scraping off the floor, or finding rainbow dog poop in the yard. No more creational disasters all over the house. We now have a room that can be trashed. It has pergo floors, the walls can be repainted at some point, and I think it will look cool with splatters on the wall and glitter on the floor. 
 I am so down with that.
It will look productive.
 It has a huge closet that stores our supplies. I used an old toy bin to organize ribbons, stickers, beads and baubles, feathers and the like. There are shelves for papers, and a five tiered storage bin for crayons, pencils, markers, scissors, glues, paintbrushes, and water colors. I also found this cool bungee cord with clips attached to hang art work. Saves a lot of tack holes to putty up in the future! It's lovely to have a room for all of this.
The kids have been busting out creation after creation this morning.
K is feeling better!
Skiing was a disaster as in it never happened.
The website said ski school was at 1:30. We got there at 1:40 after dressing the kids in the car, and 2 out of 3 kids falling in a huge mud puddle.
We arrived at the ski school 1:45ish to be informed that ski school started at 1:00.
I was so pissed.
 We went home, and vowed to make it there the next day.
Sunday was warm and would have been a swell day.
 A got sick with whatever K mutated. So we are on for next week with out E. He is too young for ski school, and damn it, I want two hours of skiing to myself while the older 2 are in ski class.
C'mon, I made him an art room. ;-)-K