Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We have been doing lots of stuff. Or rather some stuff has been happening. So I am going to roll it all in here.
 The barn guy's from All About Barns, who are two of the nicest guys ever, have been making progress on the barn. They made some pretty doors today. Really pretty. Just what barn doors should look like, and that is why they are pretty.
Leyla is getting rounder, her udder more filled out. I finally found some hay she likes. She did not touch the mixed grass hay that was 6.00 a bale. NOOO, she likes Alfalfa/Timothy mix that is 17.00 a bale. Of course, I am doing tons of reading about pregnant goats, and kids, and feeding. And of course, now I realize that I bought food that has molasses in it. Not the best for the old Goat rumen. She is like a first child, you know, the ones that you make the most mistakes with.
Chicken is doing well, giving us a little egg a day. Joy! 
No really, joy!
 Took the kids to the doctors today to get a strep test. They just are still so tired. This last virus, which we are pretty sure was the Flu, kicked their Butts!
They do not have strep.
 That is awesome because we were attacked repeatedly last year by that nasty bugger.
We had a great dinner play date with some friends that we only see once in a while. That was great, and it got my kids moving. We had a pizza dinner and about 4 hrs of crazy good times. And cake.
 and they fell a sleep on the ride home.
Tomorrow we are going to play group. It is my goal to be there on time for yoga and to erase the last fiasco out of my memory. 
 This one:
We'll see.
I have not had my camera since the weekend, so I picked a random picture.
It has nothing to do with this post, it's just a picture.
Just so you know.
I am not happy with being way off our normal daily happenings due to this prolonged sickness. I am tired of winter. 
Tomorrow will be a wonderful day.
I can feel it!-K

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