Wednesday, February 27, 2008

When bored, shave a head

K had been sporting a shaggy do. He looked like Ringo or someone. I was experimenting with longer locks on him. 
He was starting to look all right, much better than early winter when he just looked neglected.
 In order to achieve the look I was aiming for, he would have to keep growing layers out in the summer.
He would be sweaty and icky, because we all get really dirty in the summer. So I knew that I would never get to see what I was trying to do come to fruition. And plus, I have a thing for little boys and crew cuts with popsicle dripping all down their faces in the summer.
I only intended to snip the part above his ears. He moved, and it just went at an upward angle.
Do screwed.
So, what could I do but buzz the whole lot off? And now I have a new boy. And Grandma will be happy. 
She liked her boy clipped short.
I loved his bedraggled unkemptness. I'll try again next year.
Oh, and I did make it to yoga on time. 
And you know what?
The yoga teacher was late!-K

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Kim said...

Oh he looks cute with a crew! We went through the crew cut not long ago with Jack. Only it was because the "do screwed" was of his own doing...he found a pair of scissors and went to town on his BEAUTIFUL long flowing blond hair...I cried. Joe shaved it all off despite my pleading with him to leave it alone. It was not a good look for him. But it's been a few months now and it's grown back long enough to need a haircut since he was going through that "neglected" look, too! Anyway, looooong story short, hair grows back! Thank God.