Saturday, February 2, 2008

Weekend, Deer Cam, and Barn

 So good news on the deer cam. As you can see, we have some photos! Sorry about the image quality. The camera is not Mac compatible, so I had to take photos of the TV. That never goes well. That last shot is over exposed, because the deer went right up for a sniff, cute. Does that young buck look familiar? He is the same guy I got on camera a few post's back. At least we got deer finally. I can cross that off my wacky to do list. Now, next I am going to cross some lines. I am going to take meat scraps or chicken carcasses, and go into the woods a little ways back from the house. This way, animals, meat eating critters at that, are not coming to close to the property. But I want to see, what comes sniffing around for a meaty treat. I would so love a coyote picture, or a red fox, or a Fisher. How cool would fisher cat picture be? OMG! I am so excited. 
She's a supa freak, supa freak, and she's super freaking OOOUUUTT!
Well, I think I will just do one post on the weekends. It will be more meaty that way. Especially since what we do on weekends are usually not all that interesting. 
To you.
 So, on Saturday, K swam. He had to jump off this platform onto a swim board. I guess so he would know where to jump? Or something. He was so happy! He's been talking about it a lot today. Just jumping on a board. Happy as a clam. 
 Then we had some barn refurbishing guys come over to see what they need to do to make the inside of the barn look like a barn again. They left a lot of brochures and pictures, and my mind is finally able to see all the cool stuff they can do to make it so, so barny.
They will call with the estimate. It's going to be pricey, but so functional and amazing. 
 We pick up Layla, the pregnant goat, on the 16th. So we need one stall done and ready for her to come home and have her baby(ies) in.
 I think instead of having a separate coop for the chickens, we will make use of a stall for them. We originally wanted them closer to the house in their own building. That just ain't gonna fly. That would be more money on top of doing the barn, plus running power to both.  It will be better to house them all in the barn.
I will take some before and after photos. it is basically a bare skeleton now. The previous owner demolished the stalls for storage. So we will rebuild those. There will be four full horse stalls on one side. The other side will have a tack room, and a room for milking and grain storage. We will also insulate everything, so the animals will be very comfy in the winter.
 I have no desire at this point to have a horse. At least not until E is like maybe 7, and has some comprehension about how to be able to act around horses. He just flies around and is super spontaneous. Like an insane person.
Plus, let's face it, horses are a lot of work. I need the kids to be a bit older, so they can actually help me out. Right now, goats and chickens are more their speed.
Plus, I am trying to be more sustainable. Chickens for meat and eggs, Goats for milk. Bees for honey and wax. What besides bills will a horse give me. Manure! But the cost ratio isn't working. Pleasure? Oh, I got pleasure.
Sooo, maybe we will visit the idea of horse companionship when the majority of the family can actually enjoy, and help maintain, such a large, costly, beautiful creature.
 So have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the big game, if you are so inclined. I'm in it for the beer and food, and um, commercials. Really.-K

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