Monday, February 25, 2008

soldiers and eggs

Not the breakfast dish. But I do want to make that. Soon. I ate that a few times and loved it.
Actually, I was referring to our weekend.  Look at me a day behind again!
Saturday was just another Saturday. Then I went to feed the Chickens, the Nankins, These guy's right here:
And lo and behold, There was a very small egg. I ran around the house with the egg, Then I cooked and ate the small egg. 
It was very tasty in a teeny tiny way. 
She has layed an egg a day since. She is not broody, so I'm not sure if I will ever get chicks from her. That would be lovely though.
On Sunday, we went to the General Israel Putnam house in Greenwich, CT. :  
They were having a public event reenacting a few battle scenes from the revolutionary war. In full soldier uniform with loud shooter guns that smoked. It was good and loud. It was also a tavern at the time where General George Washington ate. So we were able to tie that in to our OSV ( visit.
Life and unschooling are great like that. One big infinite web of facts and ideas connecting together to create the big picture. 
 Anyway, after the reenactment, we were able to walk through the house and view various artifacts. Such as furniture, hearth and cooking implements, old P.J.'s, muskets, arrowheads, children's belongings, old shoes, and spinning wheels. 
They also served us cookies and cider. That was E's big deal. He loved those oatmeal cookies.
Then since we were in that era, we decided to have a tour of the Bush Holley house. The boys were pretty much cooked, so they opted to snooze in the car with A.  My parents, M and myself, had the whole house and the tour guide for ourselves, for an hour. We heard the whole history of the Bush's ( not THE Bush family) and the Holley's. We saw many of the wonderful art pieces from the time that it was boarding artist as an art colony. 
See that's what bugs me about school. Everything is taught as seperate subjects. I had no idea what art was popular of the time of the revolutionary war, or that it was important to the people at that time. Or that there was a lovely little happy artist colony thriving at the same time as General Israel Putnam was having a battle a mile across town. But M does. She'll get to see the whole picture instead of seperating and alienating these facts as a subject instead of as a whole time period.  
Back on topic now.
There were great artifacts in the Bush/Holley house as well. There were some wicked cool venetian carpets, and old wallpaper, a taste of how the wealthy at the time lived, slave quarters, and art. 
It was just a really neat day. 
 There are lots of great and interesting places to explore, if you look for them. And it's true, you learn something new everyday. -K

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