Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snow Day = Hot Chocolate

and speaking of hot chocolate, I must share this. You know how Chocolate is supposed to lower blood pressure, cut heart attack and stroke risk, and be very high in antioxidants? 
Well, it has to be a certain type of chocolate. Unprocessed chocolate. Not the Hershey's extra dark. Not the Greens and Black's Organic chocolate bars. But true unprocessed, no sugar added, cacao.
You can get the nibs, or the powder. I got the powder up there in the picture at Wild Oats, now whole Foods. I have no clue how much I paid. There was no visible price at the display, No price sticker on the bag and I forgot to check the receipt. 
 I do that a lot when I really, REALLY want something. This way, I won't change my mind, and I'll get it with no guilt.
 I knew that everybody was buying chocolate and eating it for health, but it was totally the wrong Chocolate. Then, The Thinking Mother's blog post covered it well.This one right here!:  You should really read it. She is the most thorough well read Mother that I know of in existence. 
The honest TRUTH.
 She orders hers from Dagoba directly. I will try that next. To see which I like better. I was sweetening it with honey slightly. Then I switched to blue agave sweetener. Lately, I have had it with out sweetener. It's gooooood. The kids drink it up too. I have to sweeten theirs a tad. 
 It is really snowing here today, or it might be yesterday as I already posted today or that would be yesterday if you read this tomorrow.
I am a day behind. That's my usual pace in life. I am comfortable here. 
We have at least five inches now. It's like living in a snow globe. I wonder how much we'll get? I know that I could turn to the weather station, or check on the internet, but I never do. I like the surprise.  I think, I'll stir up a chocolaty medicinal drink, and sit back and see what happens.-K

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Anthony said...

whoa. i love the package design on that cocoa! sweetness even if it's sugar free.