Sunday, February 10, 2008


 We headed back to the Expo center. It was mobbed. A succesfully snagged tickets as I drove around the block a few times. We headed in, got food and our seats. 
In came the trucks. I was glad we bought ear plugs. They were deafening. The boys were so excited, M was crying.
 She was freaking out.
 "We have to leave, now. It's loud. My body is vibrating, I want to get out. NOW!"
 It took a few minutes, and some hand feeding of chocolate, and repositioning of ear plugs, and proper hood and hand placement. At last, she settled down. The moster trucks did their thing.
 One flipped over, a highlight I suppose.
 Next came the quieter quad racing. That was tolerable noise wise, but a bit boring in action. The coolest part for me, and the kids thought so too, were the dirt bikes. They jumped off ramps and did tricks in the air. That was cool to watch. The kids were wiped out and E was practically falling asleep. So we split before the end of the show.
 That worked out awesome because we were not trapped in an exiting traffic jam in the parking garage. 
I hate that.
So that's two more thing to cross of our lists. 
 Dead bodies, check.
 Monster trucks, check.
M was so funny. She said "If you ever decide to go to this again, do not invite me" Then she thought that might have hurt our feelings and she said, "Even though I hated it, thanks anyway." She was overtired and a little emotional from our weirded out day. She was so sincere with watery eyes and a sheepish grin. 
I just had to stop and hug her.
The boys were happy and it made up for the boring body show, as K puts it.
I think we will just stay home today.-K

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