Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OSV was a good time

We had such a nice, eventful, tiring, cold and now snowy day! 
My day started early. Up and at 'em at 5 :20 am. I was wired and excited for the day, so I did not sleep that great anyway. I slowly got ready, loaded the car, enjoyed my coffee, then woke up the kids. 
M was in a pretty good mood, but picky about her clothes. K woke up like a grumpy bear, E was similar. We got everybody fed and dressed. Happiness was not plentiful, but whatever. Waldorf Julie and Ryan arrived around 7 :45 and we were on the road. 
The ride up was smooth. The kids chatted, so did Julie and I. We arrived at Old Sturbridge Village (OSV) at around 9 :15. We got our hands stamped and killed some time walking around, as our first class did not start until 10:30.
 First, we visited the blacksmith shop. The Blacksmiths were chatty and showed us some of the things they made. They spewed various Colonial facts and showed us burn marks. The kids liked to look at those. Next, we found a house with a huge pottery kiln, but we just passed by because it was very cold. 
So cold. 
In the 20's cold. 
My nose was numb. 
We found the school house, which was heated, we went in and found a school master. The kids had fun sitting on the old benches, and talking to the teacher.
We headed to class at that point. Celebrations was the theme. The kids learned a dance and about colonial celebrations, made paper dolls.
It was lunch time and we headed to the tavern for music and story. That was cool! The tavern was beautiful and cozy. There was a fire and fiddle music. We found a table right up front. The fiddle player was multi occupational. He also was a story teller. He told a "scary/funny" story that E found to be very amusing. He was so into it! All of the kids, myself included, were very entertained. 
 I wish there was a tavern that replicated this kind of dining and entertainment for real, like in my neighborhood. I might become a tavern regular. Or something. It was great.
 Back to class. We had to walk a little ways to all of this. M did fine. E dawdled and was carried, and K was DYING. If it was not so cold, he would have done sit down strikes. He was crouching kind of, but his pants would let drafts in, so he had to stand up. I guess that was the one positive for the cold. He has low stamina, so he really was not happy. It took us so long to get back because I had to keep threatening his very life if he did not keep moving. Finally, with a lot of dramatic trudging we made it.
It was two classes back to back. Colonial games, and home life. I guess they learned what games kids played, and they made a Washington looking hat. In the Home class, they learned about what home life would be like for Martha Washington, and they made a cake. A Washington cake. It was ok tasting. 
It had a baking powder aftertaste. 
NOT being critical. Just telling you how it was.
Also, it was unique because it uses three eggs and most cake recipes call for two. I know this because M told me.
Three eggs.
Not two.
 Thankfully there was a playroom area and space for E to walk around, play and explore. He was really very good. And thank goodness for Waldorf Julie. She kept track of the bigger kids and I could just watch E. He needs a lot of attention in situations like these.
 We were going to drive over and tour the other half of the village that we were unable to see. But K and E were beyond tired. E was drooling and K was physically unable to continue blinking. 
I think.
 It was going to snow, and we had a longish ride, so we headed home. 
That worked out great because there is another homeschool day in April, it will be warmer and we can continue with fresh explorations. 
It's going to be great.
Check out our day in pics!:


christinemm said...

Thanks for sharing about your day. I checked out your Shutterfly and enjoyed all the pictures. Looks like everyone was learning and having a good time.

All the kids are so young. I am surprised that older homeschooled kids are not there. It has me pondering what they were doing.

Yet my kids (7.5 and 10.5) were home doing lessons at the kitchen table while you were having a learning experience at OSV. So that is where our kids were, LOL.

We have been out and about so much, traveling and dealing with family crises that we're on a stay home and jam lessons at home stint right now, not doing field trips like the OSV trip.

Have a great day!

MamaK said...

There were a lot of older kids there, but in the older kid classes. My guys were in the 5 and up classes. There were even older, older teens there. So a good mixed crowd. It was a great time, but cold!-K