Thursday, February 21, 2008

moon, kids, tag

We had the playdate yesterday. 4 girls and 6 boys. We hung OUT.
Ev recovered for the most part, fever free for 48 hours. I really think my concoction of Airborne, Emergen-C,  Astralgus, and Echinacea has really paid off in speedy recovery, and avoidance for K, M and I. However, K is looking a bit ragged, and I have been dosing him every few hours, we'll see how this goes. I am keeping the faith though.
 The first guest for today arrived around noon and they all left around 6:15p.m. Except for one special friend who's dad works with A. She and her dad joined us for dinner and ice cream and then parted around 9 p.m . It was an awesome, awesome day. It was great for me to touch base with Mamas that I haven't been with in a while. It's was great to rekindle the bond that time and family constraints can sometimes cloud. Best of all I got my James fix. James is that luscious baby boy in the photo. We have a special bond. He will always be deep in my heart. And when I see him or smell his hair, my ovaries throb.
 The kids played really well. There was no fighting or tears. Well, until the end when they were past their expiration date. 
Ev went heathen on some kids.
"That baby is beating me up!"
So we watched the moon the other night. That was cool. K was the most excited about it. M liked the eclipting part, she felt it stayed red for too long.
I tried to take pics, I tried.
If you want to see nice pics go here:
See Reg, my moon really did look like an orange blob. You must have a different moon in your state.
My friend tagged me,
 I will answer a few questions in this post and a few in the next because, they require thought and I am running low on the thinks. That's probably not proper "you have been tagged" procedure.
But I am so creative like that.
Then I have to send it to other people. But the other people who's blogs I read, some I have never commented on, so they might think it's wacky that I tag them. Then some others that I read, have been already tagged.
I never accomplished chain letters either.
Here we go:
I have to tell you 7 random things about me.
Well, I am so random, so what am I supposed to say?
I have OCD, kind of. Not severely but it's there. Mostly about house cleaning and vacuming and organizing, but it's only with the house. Clutter and messes just make me uneasy and I can't concentrate or move on to other things unless it is tidy. I love to vacuum. If A offers to vacuum, I just can't let him. I have too because he misses crumbs. GASP! It makes my heart flutter to suck up debris.
I LOVE the smell of wet dirt. Like in the summer after a rain, or walking in a humid forest and the smell of wet wood is trapped under the lush canopy of trees. I like dirty feet in the summer too. Like when you have dirt outlining your toes. I love for my kids to get messy. Totally contradicts my OCD.  We probably have tons of parasites. I actually made the kids sleep naked last summer and tried to see if I could spot pinworms with a flash light. I was sure if any kids would have worms, clearly mine were at risk. I did not see any. I think I was actually bummed that I didn't.


 I could never buy a dog. I have to rescue them. I just can't do it.  I feel so strongly about this, that I can't go near a store that sells puppy's. It's very hard for me not to lecture people when they tell me how much they paid for their puppy. They could have saved one from a shelter or rescue group. Maybe they never saw this:

Really, that video may be sad but if you see it, you will never get a dog any other place.
OK then! I'll finish up another time. Better think twice about tagging me. I'll screw it up!-K


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Dawn said...

I think you are doing very well. Thanks for giving it a shot!