Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Got them

I got my glasses! AND I can SEE. I thought my eyes were pretty OK. I was pretty wrong. I can stand across the room now and see the clock. I have been on the computer for a good while now, and no headache. My eyes were so sore and tired when I was driving to the place to get them. On the way home, my eyes were feeling mighty alrighty. I guess that's what happens when they no longer have to strain. These things will save me money, I bet. I always buy coffee when my eyes feel all heavy like that. I thought my mojo was fading.
We took self portraits in glasses for you today.
Hmm, what else happened today. Oh, M and I got haircuts, M's came out fine, mine not so great. Well, it was Super cuts, and it was only 15.00 , and it's only hair and it will grow back. 
 I'm glad I like hats. It's not SO terrible. Just shorter than I wanted, and she fugged up my bangs.
Barn guys are coming tomorrow to give the estimate. 
Think low numbers.
 Tomorrow we are doing science experiments and chemistry cooking and how it all interrelates. Science is everywhere, man.-K