Monday, February 11, 2008

Getting ready to meet the Washingtons.

 Tomorrow the kids and I, along with Waldorf Julie and her son Ryan, are hitting the road to meet the first president and the first, first lady.
We are going to Old Sturbridge Village in MA. for homeschool day. 
We get an amazing discount, a smaller class size, and a whole town of fellow homeschoolers. Everything is sold out, so it should be fun seeing all these other people doing what we do.
M and K will be taking the following classes:

Home School Studios - Celebrations

(Ages 5 and up)
Learn about the personal special events, and local and national holidays that people chose to celebrate in the early 19th century. What traditions were established? George Washington has been celebrated as a national hero since his death. Attend a Washington Birthday Party. Learn a dance. Make George and Martha Washington paper dolls and two articles of paper clothing for each.
and this:

Home School Studios - Games
(Ages 5 and up)
What did children do for fun? Participate in popular children's activities from the 18th and 19th centuries. Learn some new and old games. Play Silly Old Goose. Make a General George Washington-inspired thaumatrope and a three-point hat.

and this:

Home School Studios - Home I
(Ages 5 and up)
As mistress of a large plantation, Martha Washington managed all domestic affairs on the estate. She supervised everything from house cleaning, to washing and ironing clothing for family and guests, to meal preparation and service, food preservation, and planning the vegetable and herb garden, to overseeing the care of poultry and the dairy, to making clothing for the slaves. Experience cooking over an open hearth, using common household tools and recipes. Compare family life then and now. Make and share a Washington Cake. 

And when we aren't doing those, we'll be perusing these:
9:30 to 12:00 Visit with the Shoemaker
in the Shoe Shop 
10:30 Bright Eyes, Kind Hearts, and Cheerful Fires: Enjoying Winter in the 1830s - An Extended Tourmeets at the Friends Meetinghouse 
10:30 Another General’s House
in the Towne House 
11:00 Carding Mill Demonstration 

12:00 Meet the Animals at the Freeman Barn
12:00 Stew and Story
in the Bullard Tavern (main floor)
1:00 Meet the Schoolkeeper
in the District School
1:00 to 4:00 Visit with the Printer
in the Printing Office 
2:00 Splitting Rails outside the Freeman Barn 
2:00 I Cannot Tell A Lie: Songs and Stories About George Washington in the Dennison Building 
2:30 Bright Eyes, Kind Hearts, and Cheerful Fires: Enjoying Winter in the 1830s - An Extended Tourmeets at the Friends Meetinghouse 
3:00 Carding Mill Demonstration 
3:00 Another General’s House
in the Towne House

Looks awesome, eh? 
We have been reading a lot about George this past month. We have been reading about Colonial times in general. It all started with the Little House series. It's been fun, and this should really make it pop.
Old sturbridge is about an hour and a half from here, so we are going to hit the road mighty early. I'll update tomorrow night with photos of course. I hope it's not too, too cold though, or rainy. I guess I should check on the forecast, huh?-K

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