Friday, February 8, 2008

Funny friday

This is going to be an all over the place post. I have lot's of little tid bitty stuff that need to get stuck somewhere, so I'm sticking it right here!
So this morning I had the intention of tidying up the house and do something fun in the afternoon with the kids, but I was not sure what. Then the phone rang and apparently, last week I made plans to do something with my parents. So we decided to go to the mall to get the kids portraits taken, and then go to the discovery center/planetarium after lunch. So we jump into action. I get them looking pretty good and we head out to the mall.
 I only go to the mall once a year, only to have the kids photos taken. I don't even know why I bother. I mean the photos come out cute, but they look so unnatural, so contrived. You know? I get better photos of the kids around here, doing stuff in the woods. Maybe I should just buck the trend.
 So any way, we arrive at the mall. I phone my parents who are in the mall to meet at picture people. Get this, there is NO picture people in that particular mall anymore. Ha! Oh well, now I will never have to go to the mall again! 
Good, now my risk of being terrorized by a sociopathic teenage angry gunmen has virtually been eliminated. 
So we check out the only other place to have photos taken, JC Penny's. They have no available sitting until 4 and it's just 1 pm. 
Buh bye!
We decide to go to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. The kids were well behaved, as usual ( snort). E got a wee bit squirrelly, and K spilled his juice right on que.
After leaving the restaurant, we pit stopped at the kid playscape because it's right there. We let the kids burn off some steam before heading to part two of our journey. But, both boys were beat from mall walking, gorging themselves, and playing. 
So we just headed home. My whole day was vortexed in the mall. I was glad to see my parents, and eat with them, and I did not buy anything, but the mall is so full of crap, and bad lighting.
 On the ride home, I was listening to NPR, and there is a pretty disheartening situation going on in, I believe it was Tajikistan? I was drifting in and out of the program in my own daydream of it all, catching snippets of depressing facts. Babies freezing in their cradles at night, no electricity for 22 days in 8 degree Celsius weather, food shortages.  I look around me at all we have, my new car, a warm house filled with computers, ipod, furniture, a fridge full of food. And seeing all that stuff at the mall, it makes me really uncomfortable sometimes.
 But fact is, I live here in America. I am comfortable by world standards, rich even to people in other countries. I can't pretend to be poor, because others suffer. I should count my lucky stars and be grateful. I guess I am just going to try extra hard to teach my kids about the other side of the coin, materialism, how to take better care of Mother Earth, and her voiceless creatures. It's humbling to see the effects of how we live, and the misfortunes of others, it's sobering really. Mothers, like me,  burying babies because there is simply no food, and no heat.
 OK, switch!
 Let's be uplifted with life and growth, and electricity and consumer items such as Christmas gifts. Look how well our Aerogarden is doing! We took a mini harvest and herbed up our Shrimp FraDiavolo that we ate last night. It's A's special, and it is outstanding. We harvested purple and Italian basil, cilantro, chives, and parsley. Cool stuff!
Be grateful for malls, heat, and Aerogardens folks, be very frigging grateful.-K

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