Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fun Day, not for E!

Ok, We were supposed to have a big play date with all of M's public school buddies, or I should say kids who go to public school. They all met as 3 month old babies, and we have stayed in touch ever since. We met every week until they headed off to school. Anyway, E is sick with I think the Flu. 
The real deal. 
So of course, no one wanted to come over to the house of germs. Well, except two brave souls. But one does not qualify as she did not check her morning e mail. 
Everything went well. E was kind of perky and did not act too sick. 
He harassed the goat and ran around the barn.
 He yelled at a girl "Who are you, get out my house"
 He was a clingon mostly, and I kept him from playing with the other kids. I think it was better for him to have something to look at, it kept him from feeling too miserable. M and K had a blast! Anyway the other Mama's have rescheduled for Thursday, but by then M or K will be inflicted, I bet. 
That's how we roll.
As you can see from the photo he is back in sickyland. He always does worse at night. Poor boy. I feel so bad for him, but he is much easier to handle right now. Sounds bad, but it's true. He is an ANGEL when he is sick. I still feel terrible for him and do hope he is back to his old self soon. If you are a mother of a high energy boy, you would understand my POV. Sick, quiet, hmmm
Anyway, K smashed his toe the other day. Badly. I had to drill a little hole in his nail to release the pressure.  The hematoma underneath was so large his toe nail turned totally black and swelled 1 1/2 times the size. That picture makes it look mild that was 2 hours post injury. It got much uglier. I was supposed to snap a picture but then today I ran over the toe with the vacuum. 
My bad.
I ripped half the nail off. Not pretty. It needed to come off though. 
I am helpful like that.
We soaked it in hot salt water and bandaged it. He was braveish. He thinks it's cool that his toenail is now like a door.
Open shut them, open shut them, here a little clap, clap clap.
When I typed in door, that just popped in my head. 
M goes to a cool class tomorrow, it involves barn chores, maple sugaring, soup making, wool working. She is excited.
 So am I. 
Post about it tomorrow!-K

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Dawn said...

Aww ~ I hope he feels better soon. I too can understand the "joy" of having a sick little boy. They are all quiet and cuddly. They are warm with a fever and like to be with you. You want them healthy, but you also enjoy the quiet books and cuddles. Looking at the good points.