Thursday, February 28, 2008


Why oh why do I do this to myself?
With the help of Google and Google images, I have narrowed down K's continuing flu virus to be either systemic MRSA or Kawasaki's disease. 
Yep, I just know it.
 He has a weak immune system compared to his siblings and to the average person in general, so when he is wiped out and having a really hard time fighting off a virus, my mind goes into paranoid mommy mode.
I always assume the worst, you know so I can be prepared and on top of things. This way, when the Doctor says " You are a kook, your son just has impetigo" I can jump for joy because I was convinced that he was infected with a rare form of flesh eating bacteria. 
 Well you know, like it's the same with all these medication reactions. They are all minor symptoms but when you add them up can be something quite serious. You know,"If you experience, a headache, frequent urination, blurred vision and random flatulence you should cease taking nonsense drug because you can be having a serious but rare liver pimple..."
Well, it's the same with the symptoms that K is having. You start doing a search on "rash, fever, flu, spots on face, child" and the stuff that comes up are not so good.
 Anyway, I stopped reading after an hour, and decided that if he still looks like doo doo tomorrow. I will just have to go back to the Dr. again. 
I really need to find a good Naturopath for him. His immune system is just way off, always has been. Maybe he is eating something he shouldn't, or his chi is off. I dunno. But every mom just knows when their kid is not right.
Anyway, M and I are going to a town sponsored speaking tomorrow night. It's about how to coexist with wildlife and what you can do when issues arise with your wild neighbors. We live in the woods. Our property abuts 120 acres of woods on two sides, and 60 acres on another.
 We hear noises, and find tracks.
 We are getting livestock.
We really should attend this talk.
M was fired up when I asked her if we should go.
She loves big people events.
Oh, and I found out we have beavers and a huge dam 2 miles from here. Next nice day, we are going! I have never seen beavers or dams. Except on TV, but that doesn't count.
 OK, so that's all. If you have a sick kid, don't use the Internet, you will be convinced your child has rubella. 
If you know of a good ND in CT. Please let me know!-K


Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

"If you have a sick kid, don't use the Internet, you will be convinced your child has rubella."

Yeah, I'm a Google junkie too, and I'm always convinced someone I love is dying. Pneumonia is going around in a big way this year though, so do see a doctor if K's illness persits.

"If you know of a good ND in CT. Please let me know!"

Anne Mitchell in Wallingford. She's so good it takes about 6 weeks to get an appointment with her. Worth the wait though.

MamaK said...

Thank you! I really need to take him. He seems better and was at the Dr's on Tues, and lungs were clear. He seems betterish today, 100.3 temp, still sleepy. Poor sweet guy. Thanks for the info!-K