Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bodies and Monster trucks! Saturday, part one

Well, Saturday came and after K's swim we had nothing to do. I found a homeschool discount for tickets to see "Bodies the exhibit" in Hartford:
So after a quick lunch, we headed out.  After a few mix ups with the tickets. Should read " Don't call it the will call line, if my tickets are really at the box office, dumb asses!" We headed in. The kids were excited at first. The first part of the show were bones. K found this totally boring. I was not allowed to take any photos, so I stole photos off the net for examples. 
M was really into the spinal cord. She has always been fascinated by the spinal cord. She loves to feel them on the dogs and people. I always catch her stealing glances at people in wheel chairs or walking devices. So she really looked at them in all forms of presentation.  
The next room was our first glance at a body. It was so artistic and amazing,  in the pose of shooting an arrow, all the muscles, organs. It had lips and eye brows, it was freaky beautiful. In that room we got to see lots of large muscles.  The next room was organs, and it went on like that with one or two whole bodies in various forms highlighting different sections.  The boys were bored except for the bodies. M took some good long looks at the brains. She wanted to know how all the thoughts fit in such a tangled small space. She really was baffled. Aren't we all?
There was a room of fetuses. That was my favorite. I'm not Macabre really. I just find the act of sperm and egg developing into a fully formed human, beyond fascinating. They were displayed in order of weeks. It was amazing to see the developmental changes with in a few weeks. M really dug this as well. So if anybody benefitted from this show, it was M. She asked some good questions, and saw somethings that will always stick with her.
As we were exiting, we heard some roaring engines and saw boys with monster truck memorabilia. K looked at me with huge eyes and said, "MONSTER TRUCKS!" repeated verbatim by a smaller E voice. So we walked over. 
Next show at 7:30. 
It was 5:00. 
We told the kids we would see what happens. We headed over to Cabelas. It's like a Bass pro shop. It has a walk through Aquarium and mounted animals and fish all over the place. It also has a walk through informational trail with a robot man talking about all the species of animals displayed.  We killed a good amount of time there. A bought new boots, the boys got these extremely annoying popper guns, M got a chocolate moose. I oogled at the fishing gear. But I refrained. I am spending this summer and probably next, trying to get the kids up and running on the fishing thing. So that in a few years, I can concentrate on fly fishing and they can do there thing. We'll see how that turns out. 
On to part two.


Three Mommies said...

I don't remember the fish and stuffed animals in the exhibit. Did I miss something?

MamaK said...

No, Ha! That was at Cabellas! Sorry for the miscommunication!-K