Friday, February 15, 2008

Barn is going and Valentine's day recap.

Hey there! I took Valentine's day off. I was all about the love. Hmm, HA!  I woke up on Valentine's day and A was gone.  I was thinking, Oh, maybe he went to the deli to get me a bacon egg and cheese and coffee, and he will serve me like a queen in bed. Then time passed and I made my own damn coffee, with love, and gave it to myself. The kids were asleep still, that was nice. 
Half way through my cup, E woke up. " Where my Daddy? I can't see him. He gone, Oh, my daddy!" So we call him.
"Hi! Where are you? 
Oh, I had to go to work early, people are sick, it's busy"
Oh, see it's Valentine's day and I thought maybe you were off getting me a surprise!
Oh, hee hee, no, you were all sleeping, I didn't want to wake you...
 Ok, I was just thinking, Happy Valentine's day! We love you.
 Yes, love you too. I will see you tonight, bye.
So that was that!
Our day went on. On the way to K's class. We saw an old lady crash into a mailbox, then a tree. Her airbag blew. I was right behind her. So I turned the hazards on, and told the kids to stay put. She stumbled out and I reassured her, made her feel OK. The neighbors there called the cops and we were back on the road. As I was driving off, I said that I had to drop my son off. That I would swing back to talk to the cops. As the window was down, K yells" Happy Valentine's day, Glad you didn't DIE!" Thankfully the old lady was confused and and didn't hear. The neighbor just sort of looked at us. I started giggling, and drove off. We always look like such Kooks, even while being good samaritans.
So on to the barn. As you can see by the pictures, there is not much of a functional barn to speak of. When we first got the estimate to return it to a pristine, beautiful barn condition, we were blown away. 23,000 smackers. 
Oh Hell.
So, A started hacking away at it, trimming extras we did not need; or things that could wait a year or two. He is so good at this stuff. We arrived at a much more manageable figure of 10,000 for a very functional barn to fit our needs.  
The barn guys arrived today to totally gut it. They will also make a temporary place for Leyla, our pregnant goat who is coming home. 
We are such last minute people that it is not even funny. 
On the left side of the barn there will be 4 horse stalls, each with it's own door leading out. On the right side there will be a chicken coop, a goat pen, another goat pen to separate babies, and tack and storage room. I will probably use one of the stalls as a milking area. 
Anyway, I'm excited that it is finally happening and most excited to pick up our goat tomorrow. I am nervous about the impending birth. Nervous that there will be a still born or a bad birth for the mom. I want it to be perfect. We'll see. I'll post progress pictures soon!-K

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