Tuesday, January 29, 2008

you tube

Pax got me on you tube tonight. Lovely frog clips and all. But I found some stuff that I just had to share.
 People are just funny, and amazing and talented in all sorts of ways.
 My sense of humor is off and things that make me really laugh are often quite stupid.
 Stupid is funny.
 Farts are funny.
 Somethings are just amazing. 
 Others sad.
 You tube has them all. It's such a great resource for quick entertainment and what not. Often, it's the what nots that are quite absorbing. I am easily absorbed and I'm a bit jumpy. And ADD. I like sad, then happy, then informational, then shocking, on an on. 
 Here are a few that caught my eye today.
 At first you are like what are these guys up to? But it is funny. 

Shut up, your giggling. Maybe.
Something happened to my font.
OK, next.
You can tell the truth unlike the right, you can love but you can fight. You can Ba rak me tonight.Yeah!

Health care reform makes me warm.

This was mind blowing, and touching. You might have to fast forward a touch in the beginning, it's overwhelming.
If you need to fast forward to 3:13.

Next time you see a special person, respect their integrity. amazing.
Lastly, the most inspirational to me.
Why I do what I do, with my kids.

Most people interested in this blog, have likely already seen that (seen that already? Saw that?). It still makes me cry. I have to go now.-K

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