Sunday, January 27, 2008

weekend ramblings

Hmm, it's Sunday. Interesting how time just cruises when it isn't a weekday.
Saturday, M and I had eye doctor appointments. I pretty much knew I needed glasses and I was kind of sure M did too. I was right twice.
Apparently, I am nearsighted. I have a touch of astigmatism, and an enlarged optic nerve on one eye, probably genetic. It could also be early stages of glaucoma. So, I definitely need a recheck next year.

M is far sighted, no other issues.

We will pick up new fashion eye wear next weekish.

What I did not know, and was shocked to find out, was how much a pair of glasses cost.

Holy crap!

And not covered by insurance. But they did give 15% off. Not sure if my insurance did, or the eye doctor place?

M's glasses were not the prob. They were a packaged deal. 150.00

My glasses were crazy. Adult frames that were in the 150.00 were crap. Thin bits of metal and fugly.

So I middle of the roaded on a nice frame. In the low 200.00's. Then there are two lens packages to pick from. Crappy scratchy lenses with a tiny warranty or the better package, with much better anti scratch, 14 month warranty on lenses and frames. There was a 70.00 difference, but it made sense so I chose those.

Of course, when I am driving in unfamiliar territory, I should be using them. You know, so I can actually read the street signs before I pass them. So I opted to get the lenses that go in stealthy sun glass mode by themselves. Because I would need custom clip ones for my magnetic frames, because of the trendy shape. The cost between the two was like 50 bucks. Knowing me, the clip ones are just another thing to loose.

So 400.00 and something later. I have glasses.

Wow! I probably got majorly ripped off. But I know nothing about glasses. I had no desire to drive around or price shop. I figure hopefully, I'll get a few years before my RX changes and when they do change, I will just swap out the lenses. They predict M will not need glasses in the next two years. Me on the other hand, have not got youth on my side. My prescription will progressively get stronger over time. They said it would stop my frequent headaches from reading and computer use though. So I guess over the course of a year or two, they will be totally worth the cost. I mean I do need them. but damn.

I will look at glasses a whole lot differently now. I had no idea that they could cost so darn much. I mean maybe if you bought some Prada, Gucci, nonesense, but just nice well made attractive glasses? whatever.

I posted a photo of M and I without glasses, and when we pick them up we will do a special glasses pose for you all.

SOO not exciting...-K


julie said...

Welcome to the eye glass club!

Next time check out Pearl Vision They have more affordable frames in pretty cool styles and they always run specials - plus it only takes an hour for them to make!

MamaK said...
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MamaK said...

I considered that, but wanted to have our eyes examined by an MD, and not an optometrist. For sure next time!-k