Monday, January 7, 2008

we did stuff.

So Sunday was pretty much the same. We finally carted the Xmas tree out of here. I had removed the ornaments and took down everything Christmas like the day after New Year's. But we had a very poky tree. It was a blue spruce. It had stiff pointy needles. I was not going to be the one to remove the lights. I left that for A. As A removed the lights, M was trying desperately to plug them in and decorate the family room. A decided we should hang them some where to keep "the merry". He wound up hanging them from the beam in the room. It looks cool, the kids are delighted. It's a big deal. It's magic. Why it's Casa de Frog Creek Cantina!, or something.

The lights changed everything. All of a sudden, the whole house was under some magical reorganizational frenzy. M made a great point. Sometimes kids just tell it like it is. They have a playroom. But they hardly ever go in there. Why? Well, because we are always in the family room, either reading on the couch, watching TV, computer, whatever. And they must go into another room to play. They don't want to be in there alone playing, while we are in here. When they are out with us in the family room playing. We always interact with each other, or we are just physically there. together. She made it quite clear that this is where the toys would need to be, if she were to play with them. OK! Done. The toys were moved out of the playroom.

Now they actually play with the toys. Amazing!

The playroom, will now become the art space. It has a pergo floor for easy clean ups. The easel will be moved in there for painting. Our old dining room table will be the project table. Well, as soon as our new one arrives. I am getting wires to hang up all drying masterpieces. A place for us to get messy and creative. I am excited.

Oh, the marble we had cut for our microscope table was delivered back to us yesterday, so we have to set that up and learn what to do with it. I bought a whole kit for that. I can't wait to see what microscopic bugs are living in our creek, and soil. I am going to freeze some slides for our next snow storm and check out different snowflakes, read "Snowflake Bentley" and drink lots of hot choc and mouthfuls of whip cream. I read about some other home schooler doing that. It's now in my head, and I am going to do that. The power of influence. Good times, good times...

As if that were not enough. We finally cleaned out the garage from moving in. There is a lot of space there and it just looks good. We collected all the outdoor stuff and put it in the right places, we hung bird feeders, we organized the hall closet, because it was just scary.

And I made Banana bread!

The kids painted!

The B bread came in handy because this morning. We lost power. Everything runs on electricity here. So we had something yummy to eat in the dark. I had to get creative with the tea making. Luckily, we have an optional wood burning furnace to heat the house, and it was in use. So I put a stainless steel pot in there with water and a tea bag, Because I am clever. It worked great but tasted like smokey hickory tea. Whatever. It still had caffeine.

M wrote a letter to Myth Busters this morning. We were brain storming and trying to think of ideas. She had some interesting ones. She was thinking about "What if a person was put in a dryer for an hour? Would they die?" We figured, probably from heat alone. Then I was telling her how some people believe that the Naval sonar frequency might confuse whale migration patterns. That led off into many interconnected discussions. She got very excited about that and she wrote a pretty long letter to them.

We will send it, and see what comes of it. Wouldn't it be wild if they did a show on that!

Gotta go get ready. Waldorf Julie is coming over for some playtime. It is so warm today maybe close to 60! We are staying out! Maybe we will go in the woods and put the Deer camera out again. See what happens!-K

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