Monday, January 28, 2008

Typical Monday

 And another week begins. The whole passage of time is so repetitive. Day after day, week after week. Oh look, It's Monday again!  It's a little like that movie ground hog day. Probably because it's winter and there is not a whole lot to do with three recovering monkeys. We go outside, we come in. We go to the usual haunts on the usual days. There is not a lot of spontaneity on a 30 degree day in late January. I yearn to go places again and do things outside, beyond these walls. Can you tell?
Anyway, we finally got to play again. The kids have not really been with other kids for a whole week. This dreaded cold from hell, which we still can't shake the annoying cough. Anyway Saturday, the kids had a 6 hour play date. M got her girl time in with one of her best buds. K got to hang with a good friend of his as well. E had a really hard time. He was off the wall. He was angry, demanding, not nice, clingy. You know all the things you want your kid to be when you have guests over for dinner. So I drank a few extra brewskis to keep me in mellow mode. I wish E liked the taste cause he could of used one!  I'm glad they are good friends, and were so understanding. But he was a tyrant.
 Today, we had more good friends over for a short play before pottery. Waldorf Julie and Ryan came over for a while. the kids had a good time, ran around, ate, played, expended pent up energy. We should have got them out earlier. It was actually a decent day weather wise. E was a mess again. Just seemed really tired, and irritable. Lashing out at who ever, where ever.  I remember K being really hard at this age, but E is like 2 K's. If you ever met E, you would say, he was intense, high spirited, driven, hard headed. He is something, and I'm sure one day these will be valuable qualities, but right now, he be killing me.
Oh hey, I have seen so much wildlife in the past few days. We saw a good size Coyote, in the road last week. He was alive, not road hash. He ran out in front of us. But there was plenty of time to slow down. He got all confused and freaked when he saw us. He ran in circles, and decided to head back into the woods, I was so happy, I looked back at M and she rolled her eyes at me. So, I rolled back at her and she got mad!
  Hee hee.
The deer have been all over here. Mostly young does, but I shot that picture of the buck Sunday afternoon. He came to the creek to drink with his girlfriend. He headed back up on the deer trail that leads to my camera. I hope we got some pictures on that thing already.
 Umm, the other picture is of my tribe getting wild, E has no pants!
 I have been wondering why no birds have been coming to our feeders. But I think we have that figured out. The other day there were a mess of squirrels digging up hickory nuts, and then they all flattened out and took off. This great big red tailed hawk came out of the sky and landed on a branch above the feeder. If he's hanging out here, it's going to be pretty barren at the all you can eat!
 Oh, I gotta run, the kids found an old Tom and Jerry! Remember the one where the hick uncle mouse comes to visit Jerry and he is practicing his songs and he keeps breaking strings and plucking Tom's whiskers? "You know, I need a gitar strang?" "Froggy went a courtin' and he did ride, Cr cr cr Cram-bone!"
Good times!...-K


Pax said...

Three Mommies said...

What cool photos. I hope you're all feeling better today. There was an interesting piece on NPR about a bird feeder that attracted a hawk. The hawk did feed on the song birds, but it didn't stop their song birds from coming. The interesting thing was that one day the hawk fly into the window and got dazed. After that, he'd hide behind the eaves of the house and then fly down and make the little birds scatter. A few of them would fly into the window and get dazed and he would get them that way. A tool using hawk. I love nature.

Jean Elizabeth

MamaK said...

Pax, yer funny!
J.E! Your here, on this very page! You started a blog. Rock on! I will be stopping by....-K