Wednesday, January 30, 2008

trying hard

I have no thoughts in my mind at this time. I have the time to write a post , but no coherent, flowy, thoughts.
 Let's just see where this goes. Something usually stands out eventually.
 Carpenters came over this morning to fix some odds and ends. They screwed up my morning and accomplished one thing, because they need parts.
 Pffft, parts.
So, now they can come back and screw up another day.
Well, the kids did get to stain and varnish and get to use an air compressed gun, or something like that.
We had playgroup. I did yoga.
We played outside. I got cold.
 We went to UPS and pick up M's glasses. The kids slept and whined.
 We came home ate snacks and let the dogs out.
 Have I lost you yet?
Oh, we have been listening to a lot of NPR lately. We really like it, even the kids. There was a segment about a guy who had retinitis pigmentosa, or something. It's a genetic condition that results in gradual vision loss and resulting in eventual blindness. So years later, out of no where, his brain started to vividly hallucinate figures in his imagination. The guy really dug this because he could see, colors and everything. He found out that tuna sashimi of all things, brought on the images. So he would trip himself out on high end grub to get his fix. The mind is just a wacky thing.
 So, we go and pick up the glasses, and the optical person asks M if she needs them for reading and she says  "yes, I have retinal pigmentosa."
 Aww, jeez.
So I hang back to see where this beauty goes.
 The optical sales lady has no clue. She apparently missed NPR 15 minutes prior and says,
"Don't worry sweetie, these glasses will help"
 I said "Actually they won't. Retinal pigmentosa results in blindness.
You know, showing off my NPRness.
She looked Mortified. 
I started smiling. 
She thought I was was one sick bastard, I bet.
 It finally registers in my brain how this is going. I wipe that smile off my face, and start explaining.
"She does not have that, she's just far sided, long story, car radio, stuff"
She smiles and lifts her eyebrows and we get the hell out of there.

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