Wednesday, January 2, 2008

So many random thoughts, I don't even know what to call this one.

Our lazy ass dawdling, doot doo doo days are over. Everything was closed for the holidays as it were. Holidays are now over, and so is my blissful "what do you want to do after we are done doing nothing?" is g o n e.

K now goes back to his schedule of Tues and Thurs, nature school /preschool and Saturday swim class. M is back on violin, pottery. She has told me to locate her a yoga studio, and a gymnastic class. She LOVES yoga. I love that she loves yoga. E is just along for the ride with me. My little backseat driver. Next year will be more hectic. Wilderness school, pottery, swimming, yoga, co op, seaport classes, whatever else they want to do. K wants to try some sports, M wants to be on a horse, and then so will K, and then so will poor E. Poor E.

It's hard to find things for E. He is such a toughie. He want to be bigger, he is ready to be bigger, but the stuff he wants to do has age restrictions. Like 4 and up. He could do it. But he is obviously smaller and slower. But he is persistent. He has fire. He has gumption. E IS gumption. And alas, he has frustration.

When he finally does get to do what he yearns to do, which is being with the big kids and doing what the big kids do. They are not going to know what to do with him! He has all this pent up energy and desire to be allowed in, that he is going to do something big, like explode perhaps. He will be so over joyed to be active in his element that he will be unharnessable( is that a word?). The best visual I can think of are the dogs in the Iditarod, or a Percheron at a pull, Greyhounds or Thoroughbreds at the gate. The muscles quivering in anticipation to fulfill their innate desire to just go and do. That's E. He has had a hard year of being told he can't, no stay with me, next year buddy... He is an angry guy, he is just quivering.

The little 3 year old sports classes don't do it for him. He wants to do real sports at a faster pace. He doesn't want a mommy and me class. He wants mommy the hell out of there!

Anyway, I have to adhere to a schedule now. Blah blah blah. The days will fly by now and all the cool stuff will get pushed to the side. Lazy couch reading, daydreaming, vegging out to the history channel or better yet the travel channel, hours of intense imaginative play between the kids, disturbed.

Ugh, I'm a slug, aren't I? I guess it would get old if it was ALWAYS serene like this. I love just being a very connected tribe. Our days not driven by time frames, but of wake and sleep, and hunger, and stories, and by wants. Like I want to go outside, now. We would love a book now. Let's paint! It is outstanding to exist to follow your interests. Just to concentrate solely on what it is that you want to do. The whole day. Undisturbed. The kids too.

The other day. I was totally immersed in a book. I walked around to see what the others were doing. E was with the Guinea pigs, playing with figures, content. K on the kitchen floor, playing leapster. M talking to her dolls, setting up her room, and making her list. All of us existing in our own contentedness. Absorbed in our interests, satisfying whatever need we had at that moment. Undisturbed. The whole day cleared for events like this which went on. When we were ready, we moved onto the next thing. Seeking out each other when we felt the need. It was amazing.

And this was much needed after the holidays. The kids are now on a whole new level with each other, because of the sheer amount of time that we had to just be. Together.

Will they lose this closeness after we get back into going all over the planet to do what we need to do each week? Strapped in there car seats and dragged to each activity? I can't wait till summer. Long lazy days. Fishing. Frogs. Digging.

No I am not stoned. Just rambling. Hell, I haven't even had caffeine since noonish! See this is why I need a blog. This crap gets all stuck in my head.

Oh, and the deer camera. It was pouring here less than 48 hrs after I put it up. I got nervous it would get un waterproofed. It was pouring! So no pics. I was going to put it out again today. It was fiercely cold and the wimps would not go for a walk with me. So maybe Friday.

We have a schedule today, all the cool stuff must wait.


christinemm said...

I know what you mean about how great lazy days are. We have had the best days since the fall classes ended, one by one.

I try to have at least one day with no appointments. Last fall we had 2 days like that during the week, as Saturday and Sunday had appointments. :(

I have vowed to do less this spring than in the fall. I need more great days like that of having time to do spontaneous science experiments and last minute big baking things, plus time to play games with the kids etc. FOr us that stuff goes out the window when we have too many appointments to go to.

julie said...

Ryan and I had a very productive "lazy day" stuck at home with no car. It was great