Wednesday, January 9, 2008

so I lied.

I was supposed to be snapping pictures of the property today, but it was gross and muddy. I am usually not a clean, squeamish person, in fact I like to get dirty. But the ground has been thawing here, and your shoes sink in and the dirt sticks to the sides of your shoes type muddy. And it was overcast. It was not the pictures that I had in my head. I was thinking cherry, bright, positive, full of possibility photos. We already have the barren, dead look of winter here. Throw in the gray and the mud, and well it looks a trifle depressing. Maybe tomorrow.

So, it was playgroup today. A bunch of nutty homeschoolers. Kids too. It was a large gathering and one family of four kids was missing, (ANI, where were you?) So it would have been larger.

Played outside for a bit but it was muddy and then a chilly wind started a blowin'. We headed in. M immediately grouped with the girls, and played all kinds of girly games, and beaded necklaces, and bonded with new friends. She was happy.

K was shy, it's hard for him to just jump in. He has trouble navigating socially. Always has, most likely always will. He finds one friend, and that's all he needs. He did well though, ventured in. Played a game of sorry with the big boys, played by himself, joined in a paper airplane fight, made a friend with a girl, named Juliet. He is still talking about her. I asked him if it was love, he said NO it was a GIRL.

E, well he is quite sure of himself. Maybe a little too sure. He was all over the place. Stopping social injustices, hogging things he wanted, trying to punch big boys with his eyes all squinty. Putting his hands on his hips, surveying things. He is something. I am happy that he will never be bullied, and I am so glad he is self confident and assertive. I see K, his opposite, struggle. I am glad he doesn't. But if he could just tone it down. Just a little bit. That's like telling a lion to be more mouseish. Not going to happen.

So it was fun, all these people. Looks like we are going to have a great year. There is a group planning meeting on the 15 th. Lot's of new classes, new field trips. Just so many wonderful possibilities.

I am so glad my kids are here, doing this. It has been the greatest journey. I have never been happier than I am right now. And it keeps getting better. The older they get, the more opportunities. And homeschool kids are just so cool.

I did not witness one fight ( except E, but he is 3), one harsh word, one exclusion. The big kids were gracious to the littles, kind when they interrupted a game. There was no swearing. They played respectfully amongst each other. There were various activities going on in this room, board games, beading, imaginative play, tag, airplane fights, and it was seamless. It's an amazing thing to see. There is no peer pressure, no one seems uncool, or left out. Everybody is there for a good time. It isn't a fashion show, or who has the new tech. It's just playing.


The Moms are fun to meet and talk to. Everybody has a different story and are trying to learn new things, and get really excited about starting new activities and finding different things that fire up their kids.

It's inspiring to be around people who really connect on this level with their kids. It's amazing to see the parents interact with their kids. The relationships between parent and child are level, in sync, and deep.

More people should homeschool.

Kids need socialization.


christinemm said...

Love your ending!

Everyone looks so happy.

I know what you mean about wishing there were more interaction like this going on in the world.

julie said...

Hey - looks like you guys had a good time.