Monday, January 14, 2008

snow day

We were supposed to get blasted with snow. We didn't. We only got about 3 inches. That was enough to build a snowman with grandpa, and sled, and roll in the snow. I still did not get my home science tool shipment, so I could not freeze snowflakes and look at them under the microscope. Bummed.

Yesterday, while the weather was clear, I walked around the property and snapped photo's for a certain friend of mine. His name is not Pax. He really could care less about the goings on of this place. Nope. Pax does not, under any circumstances, want to see these pics:

The pics at the end are of the gang today, doing snowy stuff.

M had her first pottery class tonight. The one that she has been asking for two years to take. I finally found one that has a real studio, and they do real pottery. One that takes kids art work more seriously. They do not focus on one project that all the kids must do, just so, all the same. She can do a project as she wishes, and use real tools.

So far she loves it. She made a friend. She does not know her name, but she has green eyes.

Oh, my lease is up on my van on Saturday. I get a new one. I am getting the same make and model, just a different color.

My battery was dead again today.

But I am not buying a new battery.

Because, I have 5 days till we get a new van.

One that does not smell like sour milk.

herbal bug spray.

something moldy.

5 days.-K

1 comment:

Pax said...

You're right, I did not want to see them. Now that you showed me, I'll be dreaming all day - dreaming of having a stream in my yard. Dreaming of my own Rock Center tree. Dreaming of having goats and bees and chickens. Planning my garden.

Hope I get some work-work done today.