Friday, January 11, 2008

signing in.

Hi there-
I am posting from my new imac mini. So far, so good. What do you think? Do my words look faster? Are they more intuitive? Do I sound hipper now?
There is a bit of a learning curve going on here. Like, A and I could not figure out how to get on the Internet.
How dumb is that?
We could not find the icon.
Then after about 10 min of searching and trying this and that. I remembered.
I heard someone mention that once on a message board. Mac and safari, something or other about internet.
 I retain lots of tidbits of information.
I know lots of of info about lots of things. I, however do not know a lot of info about one or even a few things. If I did, I could have like, a career or something, or even publish a book.
Maybe one day I can write a book about all of the random bits of info I have collected. It could be titled "All of the Crap I know".  It would not be very complete or interconnected. It would sound disjointed and jumpy. It may cause schizophrenia by reading it for sustained periods. It would need a disclaimer.
Maybe, I will just continue playing around with this new, small wonder machine. Collecting more trivial knowledge. You know, so I can have more than like 3 chapters in my book.
Oh, it's raining here again, a lot. So no pictures again.
Now there is thunder. Oh, I hope my deer camera will be OK. It would be my luck, that it gets ruined before we even catch a squirrel on that thing. I will resist all urges to go check on it. My goal is to make it at least a week.
We'll see.
Excuse me, I am going to get more mac savvy.-k
PS. Thank you for hooking everything up at 5 am, and making things go wireless around here, A. You have my gratitude and my love. Forever, like a stalker.

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