Monday, January 21, 2008


Not me though. Poor E. He is so pathetic right now. Stuffy, squinty, smooshy and sweet. A nice side effect from his virus is that he is calm and will sit and let you snuggle with him. Poor, sick baby.
He started getting sick on Sunday. Aysen and Koray came over and made some Etli ekmek, Basically it's Turkish Pizza and it's very yummy. We washed it down with Ayran, a salty yogurt drink, and beer of course. E was pretty perky during the making process. He likes to cook, so no virus can hold him off of active participation. After eating a slice, he just crashed and burned. So we just layed around on the couch. I thought he would fall asleep easily. But he just stayed awake.
He stayed a sleep most of the night. A touch of fever. This morning went well. He made his own sandwich. Cream cheese and honey to be exact. Things were going well all day. We layed low and stayed inside.
M had pottery this evening. The boys and I looked at sculptures, and visited a quirky toy shop across the street. Things were going great. E was coughing and spreading germs around like a champ.
 We picked up M and headed out. We have to park in a parking garage and I was holding E's hand trying to keep up with M and K. I noticed E was just slowing down. I turned around to see what was up, and he was just barfing all over. There was a trail of puke piles behind us. Down his jacket, it was just lovely.
He is a silent puker, I guess. No retching, no gagging, he just kept putting one foot in front of the other.
 So of course I feel like just the most stellar Mother in the world. So I said "Oh man, E are you ok?" He says. "I not feeling really well right now" I said,  "I know your stomach hurts, huh?" He said" yeah." We make it to the car with out further incident.
Being that we have a new car, that only smells like new right now, I asked E if he thought he might be done puking. 
he says" Oh, I finished now, I not puke in the new car, I OK"
 What a sweet, sick, perceptive baby boy.
Just to be safe I put all of our jackets all around him.
 We made it home, sans puke.
He ate applesauce for dinner. He is snuggling with A on the couch.
Although we feel terrible for him, we are loving his quietness.
K's cheeks are very red, I wonder what tomorrow will bring?-K 

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