Sunday, January 6, 2008

saturday fun fest.

Weekends are funny around this place. It's supposed to be relaxing, and slow, and mindless. Or at least, that is what my interpretation is.

But here, they go by fast, we play catch up, we run around, and we get tired. For instance, yesterday we got up, and somehow with out us hearing it, a bomb went off while we were sleeping! Yup. Not kidding. This place was a mess.

This is no lie. I vacuum every. single. day. multiple times. OK, so yes, we have three kids, three dogs, and none of the bunch are particularly neat. Add in my OCD, a place for everything and everything in it's place, and we got problems. Well, it's my problem, but it works out great because the house always looks pretty darn good.

Anyway, so yup while we slept, hell in a hand basket. The whole place! So for an hour or more I was vacuuming, and organizing, and laundry, and, and.

Once I finally got back to the kitchen where I started, it was wrecked again. The kids had some weird game going on with zip loc bags, a busted beeswax candle, colanders and a laundry basket. Ho Hum! Then A has the nerve to say, maybe you should straighten up around here.


Meanwhile, I am nearly late to K's first swim lesson. It's my fault cause I'm in OCD frenzy about the house, which is now filthy again. Well in one room, but that just slays me.

I rush the kids, throw all our crap in a bag, and tear out. I hope that everything is in the bag because it would not be the first time we showed up for a lesson toweless.

Now, I forgot how to get to the Y. GPS is being touchy, because of a some clouds. It's a GPS. In SPACE. And it has cloud issues. Whatever. So a few U-turns and choice words. We make it there 12 min late.

K did so well! He was shy for like 5 min, but then he was doing his thing. He was telling his instructor where to stand when he jumped. The lady teaching him was getting a little frustrated. She wanted him to do some stuff and K is in his own zone just doing his thing. She only wanted him to swim to a half way point, but he still kept going all the way. He was having a blast. Finally, she gave up and just encouraged him. The other kid in the pool was a little scared, so she had to work on him. K had free range and she figured he was out of her way for a little. It was like trying to herd a bumble bee. I found it quite entertaining.

After his lesson, we hit Walmart. Marlin has been insisting that she needed hangers. OK, so apparently this is really important, she has been on me for a week. She wanted her own. New ones. Not cast offs from me.

So we go. We get hangers and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Get this, when we get home, the house is a mess! AGAIN. How does this keep happening? Really, I am at a loss. I feel like I clean the whole house at least three times a day. Seriously.

So, Marlin finds her bag o' hangers and she is off. A little while later, I just have to go see what is happening. She has decided that she wants to clear one shelf in her closet for stuff. But her shirts have been residing there. She was patiently trying to get the shirts on the hanger, but she did not quite understand the process. She had me show her twice, and then she was in it to win it. She organized the whole thing. She had me get her the hangers, she completed her project. I thought that was cool.

I love that she thinks of great things that are important to her, organizes her thoughts, keeps on me to get the ingredients, or supplies, and gets the job done. I will always make it a priority to honor my kids requests. See, what if I said"M, you have enough hangers", or "We are not going to Walmart for hangers today" It would have crushed her that her ideas were not valued, and this project would have never seen completion. I'm proud of her. I'm proud of me. My kid is cool, and so am I, damn it.

So I cleaned the house again.

Surprise, surprise.

I got K a new leap pad game. He absorbs so much through those, it astounds me. He has been at it for a long time. He is really into his letters right now. Whatever gets the job done.

We made rice Krispy treats.

Marlin worked on art for an hour. Then she sorted beads into a divided container.

Hmm, do you think she has my OCD tendencies?

I blogged. I will read. In bed.

That was our day in a nutshell. Flew by.

Where did the day go? Why is my house always getting messed up?

Onto to Sunday...

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Pax said...

You're right. Your kids are cool!