Wednesday, January 16, 2008

running around

Sorry for the late post today, and a no post yesterday. I was all over the place.
K had preschool, we had a Barnes and Noble run. I love browsing the bargain books. We may have spent a hundred dollars, but we came home with a lot.

It's girl scout cookie time, so M was trying her sales pitch. She is getting better each time she asks someone to please buy some boxes.

We played for a while after preschool, and then we had to head home. I fully expected traffic at the four o'clock hour.

"Que Seurte! "

There was nada.

We came home, let the dogs out and fed them, watered the chickens, fed the parrots, ate dinner, loaded the wood stove, and we were back on the road. I had a homeschool group meeting to attend, A had a meeting of his own, and the kids had a playdate with my lovely SIL. Thanks, Aysen!

So we met at Panera's. I have never been to a Panera's. I ate a cookie and that was good, but the Latte was amazing! I mean the foam on this puppy could have suspended a quarter. It was possibly the best Latte I have ever had. And I have had many a Latte.

The meeting went well. Lot's of ideas. Everyone is excited for field trips and exposure to something new. Everybody just wants lots of diverse activities, chances to experience raw hands on or first hand experiences, utilizing community resources, and creating a human data base. The human data base would connect people to each other. Enabling a person to learn new skills or gain information from real people who have a passion for a certain subjects. They could hand down their knowledge to a child or adult that was interested. How great would that be?

I could teach a child to fish, or set up a saltwater fishtank.

Joe's dad is a master woodworker.

So and so is a passionate knitter.

See how that goes.

Good stuff.

Anyway, I'm sure this is all stuff that plenty would not find interesting. But I hate not posting. This is what I have been up to.

Today is homeschool meet up or playgroup, or however you want to call it. It's at a new facility. With a big gym.

Lots of possibilities.

Maybe even Yoga!

Which is good because the only decent class I found for the kids clashed with M's pottery class.

Things always seem to work out.

E is wandering around the house saying "Ayudame!"

I should probably go and check on that.-K

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