Friday, January 25, 2008

Not going to post about illness

We are in full recovery mode and I will not mention anything that relates to sickness. It has gotten far too much attention here this last week.
We are doing well, we are happy, well rested. We ate veggie burgers for lunch for good measure, with a side of veggies to boot. We even had apples for a snack. We shall overcome!
So, time for a little Aero Garden update. It is going gangbusters. There are herbs, growing in my kitchen. In January. The skeptic seems a little less skeptical. Maybe we will get a mini first harvest in a few more weeks. 
It's soulfully refreshing to see some green tender shoots spring to life, even if artificially, in the house. It's such a vibrant contrast to the gray and white barren existence just feet away outside of the window.
 I am so done with winter! We have like 9 or 10 weeks left till some warmer weather arrives. Sure, there will be teaser days, interrupted by the reality of the true seasons nature. You know, those amazing days when you can actually feel the sun warm your face. That is the best feeling ever. And Robins strutting around plucking worms from the thawed land, and, and the sound of song birds returning to welcome the longer days and warming temperatures. 
Soon, the seed catalogs will appear, and rub it in even further. And the daydreams of coop designs and goat kids are like salt on my raw anticipations.
Nothing anybody can do about it.
Damn it.
But if that punk ass ground hog declares 6 more weeks of this shit, I will personally introduce him to my slow cooker.
That's right, Phil.-K


jenhit said...

Oh, the pains of living in the northeast. Can't tell you how much I *don't* miss the snows of CT or of northern Idaho. Don't even get me started on the rains of Seattle.

You should come down and visit me in NC. I think Savannah and Marlin would have a grand ol' time. You can even bring some of your herbs! ;)

MamaK said...

JEN! It's you! Email me, I lost your address. This was such a great surprise!-k

jenhit said...

So nice to be remembered!! I replied to your email, sunshine!