Thursday, January 17, 2008

my thursday ravings

So I awoke in the wee hours to a dog with tummy trouble who wanted out. The last time we ignored his plea, we ended up with crap in the dining room. I got up, he went out.

I was feeling domestic today. I caught up with laundry. I vacuumed. I have been trying to control my vacuuming addiction. I only permit myself to every other day. It's hard for me to see crumbs on the floor.

It hurts my very soul.

I am troubled.

I have renewed my interest in the crock pot. I am finally dusting off this great crock pot recipe book.

"Not your Mothers Slow Cookers Cookbook" by Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann.

It's a great book. It has really interesting, fancier recipes. By fancy I mean not like throw a slab of chicken, a can of beer, and some carrots and sauce and check it 4 hours. For instance, it has duck breast with port wine sauce, and salsa chili and cilantro cream, and Victoria's lamb shank braised with garlic, rosemary and white wine.

Huh? lamb with white wine. I would not have guessed that.

Oh snap!, they do have Chicken and beer!

See they have everything. Sometimes, they have weird ingredients that I don't have. So I just use what I have, and it taste fine. They have a lot of vegetarian dishes as well. I have been on a bean kick. Tonight I crocked up some sausage bean concoction ( not very vegetarian). The other day, we had chick peas and chard. Last week, it was crocked lentils. All very good. I am not coordinated enough to plan my meals in advance. Even when I try, it's touch and go. I have to try to wrangle the kids long enough in the store to buy them all anyway.

Shopping with kids is such a crap shoot, isn't it? Either they are fine or they suck. I've learned to just count your losses and bail. It can get quite messy if you think that you can just get the last bits done. It just is not worth it. Eat what you got in the bags and be happy. Even if it's beans, salmon, bananas, sweet potatoes, and chewable vitamins. Suck it up and swallow it down, tomorrow is another day.

So today, was another driving day. 40 min south for preschool and violin. I took a bunch of photos of the kids playing at Earthplace in Westport, CT. for your viewing pleasure.

They have fun, but it's draining. My kids like to run and they are quite gregarious. Sometimes, glee filled children scare other parents and they complain. So I feel like I am always paranoid that they may be laughing too loud, or running, or playing too animatedly.

I hate the every two minute mantra of "slow down, not so loud, don't get so excited, don't be so happy with yourself"... Such BS, so we only go now and then, cause it pisses me off. It's not a museum, it's a PLAY SPACE.

Kids playing is not an adult activity. It is messy, loud and fast paced. They need to expel energy, or they go mental. Not too many kids are outside expelling energy in New England right now. So expecting them to walk is just asking them to be....

I'm so sorry. I'm off on a tangent again. Sorry. I do that sometimes. Pax understands my frustration, as do others there. But, it's a public space and they have to make it appeal to all. Not just the likes of certain parents who get it, with really cool kids who have a zest for life and are actually allowed to experience it.

Oh just see the photo's. It is a wonderful space, and you should go if you are in the area.

Despite my personal frustrations, it is a gem, and I do love it. And if you are one of the parents in the be quiet and use your inside voice camp. I'm sorry. I can't help it.-K


Pax said...

Children having fun? Children expressing themselves with loud laughs or squeals of joy? Heaven forbid! Structure - structure - structure.

Discovery through play? Not in front of "my children."

MamaK said...

There are some of us who exist in the same plane and those that are way off that course. You and I fly right, right? :>)

love2bhomeschoolers said...

"I have been trying to control my vacuuming addiction. I only permit myself to every other day. It's hard for me to see crumbs on the floor. It hurts my very soul."

Life gets so much easier when you let go of it. Soon you will never notice the crumbs under the matchbox cars, blocks, action figures...

Anonymous said...

Vaccuuming addiction? Egads!

Sadly (or not), I have not been afflicted with this particular problem. I have learned to live with crumbs.