Friday, January 4, 2008


So we have Guinea pigs. We had three. Milky was my favorite, She was E's pig. E loved her, but loved her hard. You see, E is a bit like George from Of Mice and Men. Milky was adopted from Petco about 4 mos ago. She was by far the cutest and sweetest of all the pigs. E picked her out and named her Milky. One morning about a month ago, I noticed that Milky was dragging her hind legs about. Great, E has shattered her pelvis or dislocated a hip or some other horrible malady. Luckily for me, A is a vet. Which means freeish health care for our multitudinous animals.

X rays reveled that Milky was not broken. We tried a pred treatment for three days which did nothing. OK, so we know have a special needs pig, who either threw a clot, or has a spinal cord injury. However, she was doing great . Three times a day we made sure she drank and ate. We gave her lots of apples and veggies. Gave her a warm rinse every few days because she peed on herself. She was doing all right.

Fast forward fourish weeks. I noticed she was lethargic. She was not wanting to eat or drink. I did not think that much of it. Then I checked on her around dinner time. Her head was down and breathing labored. Our Milky was dying. I gathered the kids, told them what was going to happen. They knew this was a possibility. I warned them that she might not live long after the injury.

They were so good. Holding her, talking to her, patting her. I suggested that they tell her nice things as she leaves us. M did well, told her that she was sweet and other things she admired. E said he was sorry and that she was his Milky. K, on the other hand said " I guess its not your lucky day! You should hurry up and go to sleep so that you can get to wherever you are going and have a nice Christmas!!" (Even though Christmas was like 10 days ago.) That made M quite madish "K, WHY the HELL would you say that to Milky? She is DYING." That was the last picture up top. I was laughing which resulted in a glare to me. "Mom, you are NOT helping. WHAT is WRONG with you? "

So, Milky had a peaceful passing. A very unlucky day, but hopefully a nice Christmas wherever she is.


Dawn said...

LOL ~ Oh My Gosh!
She is 6 going on 36 ~ SO wise!!

MamaK said...

She is the boss. Thanks for the tip about how to organize my posts. I could not figure that one out. Thanks!

whimsigal said...

Oh, Mamak, this post blew me away! How did you get through it without bawling your eyes out?!

MamaK said...

We have seen a lot of passings unfortunately. They do get easier. It's just a big circle, and we try to make it as peaceful and plesant as possible, if it weren't for the wise ass comments!