Wednesday, January 23, 2008


See, now he really is sick!
I heard the rattle chest cough last night in the early hours of morning. He woke up stuffy and said "I AM SICK!" In a very defeated tone.
 My old self, may have unconsciously said some obnoxious jab like, "See, that's what you get for faking it yesterday." or something equally useless and un comforting. 
 But my reformed more mindful style of parenting was very careful to just disregard my minds chatter, and say I'm sorry your not feeling well, let's make medicine tea and oatmeal and chill on the couch today.
I am currently reading a few books, and one of them relevant to this post is a book called "Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves" by Naomi Aldort.
 It is a good book, but lengthy and repetitive. I got the total gist half way through, but I am gleaning some useful tidbits from the later chapters as well. If you are already unschooling, or relaxed, or a gentle parent, a lot of the info in this book will seem so obvious. However, it does give examples on how to use the method more effectively, or how you can use words or the lack of, to help prevent volatile situations. It's all about validation, and how anger loses steam once your child believes he has been heard and acknowledged. It really has changed a lot about the way I see human nature in general.
Anyway, we are a sickly tribe right now. I think I am doomed. My ears are tweaking, and I have that weird feeling in my head. Like when you shake your head side to side and you stop but it feels like it's still swirling. The sick wiggles. I'm sure it has to do with the inflamed ear canal and fluid and all that sort of stuff.
 E is the worse off. His ears ache. I have been sticking warm garlic oil in there, and now he smells appetizing. Maybe he really is edible!
 K is on a slow downward spiral. He has been a fine patient, lapping up all my immune boosting concoctions. Mostly he is sleeping.
M is sniffling, looks pale, but is chipper. She is zoning out to monster quest, next she wants bizarre foods.
For now, I am just along for the ride. No one is hungry, so I just keep harassing them with fluids and blankets.
It's going to be a long week.-K

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