Sunday, January 20, 2008

Here I am

No post since Thursday.

Let me see if I can recap.
Friday, the old car went to the shop for an oil change and a clean up before being relinquished. It looked pretty darn good upon it's return, and I almost wanted to keep it. However, I was tired of silver and was looking forward to red pearl. Plus, it just did not have that new car smell. I love new car smell. Old silver still had a hint of lemon from that exploded can of herbal bug spray. I wonder if the new owners will pick up on that. I wonder what kind of family will be riding in old silver. Will they have kids or dogs? Or neither? Maybe it will be a college kid in a band loading all his band equipment in it. You just don't know. I'll try not to think of it often. Maybe I'll recognize it on the road one day and new red can flash it's lights and say howdy. This is dumb. let's move on shall we?

So anyway, we just hung out here. I cleaned and cooked, and read. The kids played with boxes. They spent hours coloring and cutting. In and out, in and out. They were planes, cars, a bat mobile, a baby container. They moved, hid, ran around, piled them, yelled in them, were quiet in in them, and they played for hours. With boxes.

Saturday came, and new red appeared. She is striking. For a mini van. We played with configuration possibilities for the inside seating arrangements until we got it just right. I was not thrilled with old silvers seating. There was a lot of wasted space. Now there is not.

K had swim. Continues to do great. Still high energy. His teacher has developed a sense of humor about his antics. I think he is becoming her favorite in that time slot. One kid is a cryer, so he is out. The other kid is aloof and does not try. Then there is K swimming his heart out, even if it's the wrong direction or some kind of wacky moves she did not ask for. And he smiles and gives her a thumbs up to boot. She giggles at him. A lot.

Saturday night was fun. Even though we did nothing. A put E to bed because we just could not take him anymore. He gets in this weird jumping mode. Especially when we are all sitting on the couch. He just jumps on people, all the time. Even if you have hot tea in your hand. He is on your back, your legs your neck. He pulls your hair, he pinches. Why? We can't figure it out. Then if/when we get mad at him. He attaches his lips to your lips and you can't breathe or hardly pry him off. Then he says "I sorry", or "I ove you guys" We always give him more chances, but it's always the same. We just have to retire him.

A always falls a sleep while putting a child down. So that left me, M and K up. Well, we found out that one of our faves was on. Monster Quest! Yes! You know, that's where there they go in search of Sasquatch, loch ness, UFOs, the Jersey devil, the kids are just. so. engrossed. They love it. There are not scared but amazed. They always look out the windows into the woods with wider eyes. Or up into the starry skies longer. It's great to have them wonder, what if?, or maybe that's not a deer track but a Minotaur! I may be a freakazoid, but I dig on the kids really looking at things with a questioning perspective. Sure it looks like a, but could it really be b? Discuss amongst yourselves....

We stayed up till midnight. K was so excited about everything. He was just talking about so much. Last night, monster quest was in Sumatra looking for this creature called orang pandex. It was like a monkey human. He was on so many topics. Evolution, forensics, tracking, coffee, rain forests, DNA, documentation, equator, myths, research, facts and beliefs, continents, safety, I can't even remember what else we discussed. It was great. He was vibrating with enthusiasm for the conversation. M was just so annoyed that she could not hear the TV.

On Monday there is a great program coming on. They have been advertising it for weeks. The kids can't take it. It's on Monday, 9 pm, the History Channel. I think it's called After humans, or the world after people. I can't remember. Basically, it's about the sudden extinction of people and how the animals and ecology, environment will take re possession of our cities. It looked wild. Like there was this one scene, where the empire state building is a structured forest inhabited with all sorts of animals. Hang on, look at this link:

Can't wait!!

So onto today, Sunday. M, K and I slept in. We had my bed, as E and A crashed in E's bed. We got up and ate breakfast and made cracker candy. We were supposed to do that last night, but we were all about the monsters. I saw the recipe here:

It could not be easier to make! So delish. Really, it is super great. I mean how could it not be, toffee, chocolate, nuts, over crackers, Mmmmm.

Oh, I checked on the deer camera and moved it twice. I did get a picture of a squirrel! Can you believe it! There were deer tracks all over, just a tree line below the camera. I think they smell human and stay away. It's crazy. Anyway, I am repositioning it again today. I will get deer pictures damn it! Or maybe a Sasquatch.-K


Dawn said...

My stepmom makes those cracker cookies/candy. They are easy and SO good!!

whimsigal said...

I LOVE Monster Quest and watched some freaky ones today. Tonight we're also planning to watch the World After People special. That channel has some awesome programing.

I keep forgetting to buy crackers at the store but I actually got some of that candy for christmas and loved it. It's delicious and it looks very easy to make. I like that. :)