Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today was a funny sort of day. We did our morning lounging routine. K seemed to be well, unvirused as it were. He ate a biggish breakfast and a smallish lunch. We piled in the car and drove to preschool. 
He fell asleep on the way.
Moms know that this could go either way.
He might wake up cheerful or he might wake up angry,
Either it's a power nap, or not nearly enough.
It was the latter. 
He woke up crying, and said he did not feel well. He did feel warmish, he did look paleish. 
I convinced him to go check out what his class was doing. He agreed, They were playing outside and he wanted no part of that. They were about to go to music. He still was not having it. I believed him that he wasn't well, and that he did not want to go. So we bailed.
We ran a few errands, E started puking, and we headed home. 
We get home and I carry him downstairs. I prop up pillows, cover him up, bring him cookies, a drink with echinacea, astralgus, in some airborne. We were headed straight into sick mode. He looks up at me with this cheeky little smile.
"Did I look sick today?"
Yes, I said. "Aren't you?"
He giggles, "I tricked you!"
"I was just tired and grumpy."
 I laughed and said "Yes, you tricked me, but you could of just said that you were tired and grumpy."
"Didn't I look like I was grumpy?"
"Yes, so..."
"SO?" he says.
 Damn it, he has got a point. I should have just listened to him, instead of cajoling him in there trying to change his mind. That was not very validating.  And I kind of made him say he was sick by not recognizing his overtired and grumpy nature. 
Lesson learned.
So then he goes on to say how he was able to not go to class, you know, boasting.
 So I said "Well, soon you won't have a school not to go to" You know, trying to one up him.
He retorts "Well, then I'll have to try to get out of home" as in home school.
Little punk. But I'll keep him around because he has a funny way of helping me wash the dishes.-K

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julie said...

I am sorry to hear that E is still sick - I guess we wait till next week to see you guys.

You are going to have to be on your toes w K it sounds like.