Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Buzz.

I ordered my bee kit yesterday! The hive body, frames and various other things. This makes me happy! This is the first purchase to the start of Frog Creek Farm. I mean we have the Mini chickens ( but they aren't very productive. The rooster crows and all, but that is so far the only contribution to the developing farm. And it is a pathetic crow at best. Because he is a mini chicken, so imagine a mini Cock a doodle doo!

So, I ordered the kit at Bee Commerce. It is affiliated with Ed Weiss, a Wilton CT. native and author of The Queen and I. It is also run by members and volunteers of the Backyard Bee Keepers Association ( This is the kit I ordered:

I am having assembled as well. Like I have time to put together a damn bee box. I was lucky enough to be able to make the call and order the blasted thing with out my kids finding me in my super secret hiding spot.

So now is probably a good time to research how to take care of them and familiar myself with all the bee keeping jargon, huh? Like wouldn't it be terrible if I went there and asked where to buy the Bee pod. How will I know which is the Mommy Bee?, How do I squeeze the honey out of their butts? I should try and keep a straight face and do it.

So next I have to make arrangements to get the bees and Queen. I have to place the order very soon. Then I have to pick up the bees, and drive the buzzing lot of them in a cardboard box in the car with my family and dump them into the bee box. calmly.

See this is what I do for fun. Most likely get stung. A LOT. Because I don't know what the hell I am doing. But that is how I learn best. I research the hell out of things, get it all in my head, and dive right in. I'm not a muller. That's probably how I ended up with three kids who are home schooled, and a farm, and all these animals. Just diving on in. Yeah! Let's do it. right on.

It's all good.

M and K want a bee suit so they can hang out with me by the box. I am NOT getting one for E. No way. Maybe next year, or the next, or never. He will anger the bees. He is so erratic and touchy. He will probably kick the bee box or something. Or push it over. I can picture running around the yard with bees chasing us. Like in that movie SWARM!

So, I am happy. Getting some honey bees. Honey, wax, maybe even some Mead. A crew of pollinators for the veggies. I'll keep you posted. Diving right in, it's all good.

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julie said...

i am so ecxitted that you will have your bees. Yummmy honey