Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I think that today was boring in terms of blogging. But, I will try to write something.


Went to drive k to pre school, well I guess it's pre homeschool. Anyway, my car was dead. I was kind of happy because it was another amazing day in terms of weather. The kids were collecting bucket fulls of rocks from the creek in a very organized manner. Something or other about making a campfire. So I thought that it was a good omen of sorts. The universe aligning in zen ways of keeping us centered in the moment,


That what it sounds like when a synapse fires.

I hear it every now and then.

We need food, and I have a few errands that I have to run. So we are going. I call A to come home and jump the car. When I get the jumpers out of the trunk, I notice that there were 2 boxes from Apple. Yes sir, my Mac has arrived. Sweet! The kids are computer hogs, so we need two in the house. I have had Mac envy for a while, so I dove right in on that too.

Anyway, so we were late for school again. I never have made it there on time. I think in the beginning when I try uber hard, but that fades pretty quickly. It never helps that it is 35 min south of us either. But it's a cool place, so it's worth the drive.

Oh! Brian's super cool Xmas present arrived ( He got us an aeroponic indoor garden. Tonight I will set it up with the seed pods and all. I'll take pics of it's progress. We are starting with herbs. He also got us a cherry tomato kit. The kids want to do the strawberry ones. I think it will be fun. A is skeptical and thinks it will be a dud.

We'll see.

We did indeed put the deer camera out tonight. I think I check it to often. So I am not going near it for a week. I hope some damn animal crosses the beam. Even a squirrel.

We'll see.

When I unloaded the groceries today, I found a big pile of E's "jewels" except when he says it, it sounds just like drools. Those are the bucket of rocks they collected. There is a nice pile in the garage now. He likes rocks, a lot.

Our freind Pax wants pictures of our property and pre farm shots. So I can update with all that we do to make it farmly. He hates me. He wants goats and chickens too. I'll share with you, pax, I promise. So tomorrow, I will take some photos around here. It will be fun to see it grow into something small, quaint, and special.

Sorry for the random photos from today, it's all I have. Tomorrow will be more.....something.

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Pax said...

Hate is a strong word. More jealous...envious...

PS - want bees too!