Thursday, January 24, 2008

blog motivation

I read one of my favorite blogs today. This one right here:
Her post titled "Projects" motivated me to get things going here. The past few days, I have been on sick duty and my post was the couch. It is quite amazing how quickly a few days off makes the place look like it was neglected for a month. It was looking like, well, a bunch of sick people lived in it. 
I felt my health could go either way this morning. I was and am still feeling a little sickly. But the constant task of cleaning, and organizing, and de virusing, kept my mid off it. I accomplished quite a bit. The upstairs of the house looks great, the downstairs will need some finalizing tomorrow.
While I was thoroughly engulfed in a cleaning frenzy, the kids did quite a bit of learning. The morning was a bit rough. E was in a crapaliscious mood and he got the others feathers ruffled. There were tears, high emotions, and a lot of coming to me. Imagine the frustration when I told them that I was not the one fighting, and they would have to work it out. There were doors slamming, and screaming, but with in an hour they were all lonely and looking for each other. I have become pretty hands off with their interpersonal problems, unless there is violence.
They went on as a merry band. They made sandwiches by themselves, they even sort of cleaned up. They raided the game closet and did puzzles, and phonics matching, and match the Mama to the baby animal games. And they were helping each other. M was pronouncing beginning sounds for K, to help him find the letter, sweeeet! M and E worked on a puzzle. M really was patient with E, who forces incorrect pieces together. She had enough and they all helped each other sort the pieces and put them back in the correct boxes. 
It was a frigging fairy tale. 
All the while I was doing my own project. 
I just could not take it. 
It was beyond the perfect unschool image that I could have possibly conjured up in my warped, ever daydream filled brain box. 
So that was excessive joy, whatever.
So, M and I had an interesting conversation. She asked if her friend Georgia was home from school. So I said yes, probably, but maybe she has homework. We should call after dinner. She said. Mom, if she is at school for so long, why does she have to do work at home? I said why do you think? She said because school is very defective.
I think she meant inefficient, she often mixes those up, but I thought it was funny.
I just smiled. I try not to bash school ( too much). You never know what the future holds, but I think she has her own ideas already.-K
P.S The kids are doing 50% better, I expect 75% tomorrow :>)

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