Wednesday, January 30, 2008

trying hard

I have no thoughts in my mind at this time. I have the time to write a post , but no coherent, flowy, thoughts.
 Let's just see where this goes. Something usually stands out eventually.
 Carpenters came over this morning to fix some odds and ends. They screwed up my morning and accomplished one thing, because they need parts.
 Pffft, parts.
So, now they can come back and screw up another day.
Well, the kids did get to stain and varnish and get to use an air compressed gun, or something like that.
We had playgroup. I did yoga.
We played outside. I got cold.
 We went to UPS and pick up M's glasses. The kids slept and whined.
 We came home ate snacks and let the dogs out.
 Have I lost you yet?
Oh, we have been listening to a lot of NPR lately. We really like it, even the kids. There was a segment about a guy who had retinitis pigmentosa, or something. It's a genetic condition that results in gradual vision loss and resulting in eventual blindness. So years later, out of no where, his brain started to vividly hallucinate figures in his imagination. The guy really dug this because he could see, colors and everything. He found out that tuna sashimi of all things, brought on the images. So he would trip himself out on high end grub to get his fix. The mind is just a wacky thing.
 So, we go and pick up the glasses, and the optical person asks M if she needs them for reading and she says  "yes, I have retinal pigmentosa."
 Aww, jeez.
So I hang back to see where this beauty goes.
 The optical sales lady has no clue. She apparently missed NPR 15 minutes prior and says,
"Don't worry sweetie, these glasses will help"
 I said "Actually they won't. Retinal pigmentosa results in blindness.
You know, showing off my NPRness.
She looked Mortified. 
I started smiling. 
She thought I was was one sick bastard, I bet.
 It finally registers in my brain how this is going. I wipe that smile off my face, and start explaining.
"She does not have that, she's just far sided, long story, car radio, stuff"
She smiles and lifts her eyebrows and we get the hell out of there.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

you tube

Pax got me on you tube tonight. Lovely frog clips and all. But I found some stuff that I just had to share.
 People are just funny, and amazing and talented in all sorts of ways.
 My sense of humor is off and things that make me really laugh are often quite stupid.
 Stupid is funny.
 Farts are funny.
 Somethings are just amazing. 
 Others sad.
 You tube has them all. It's such a great resource for quick entertainment and what not. Often, it's the what nots that are quite absorbing. I am easily absorbed and I'm a bit jumpy. And ADD. I like sad, then happy, then informational, then shocking, on an on. 
 Here are a few that caught my eye today.
 At first you are like what are these guys up to? But it is funny. 

Shut up, your giggling. Maybe.
Something happened to my font.
OK, next.
You can tell the truth unlike the right, you can love but you can fight. You can Ba rak me tonight.Yeah!

Health care reform makes me warm.

This was mind blowing, and touching. You might have to fast forward a touch in the beginning, it's overwhelming.
If you need to fast forward to 3:13.

Next time you see a special person, respect their integrity. amazing.
Lastly, the most inspirational to me.
Why I do what I do, with my kids.

Most people interested in this blog, have likely already seen that (seen that already? Saw that?). It still makes me cry. I have to go now.-K

Monday, January 28, 2008

Typical Monday

 And another week begins. The whole passage of time is so repetitive. Day after day, week after week. Oh look, It's Monday again!  It's a little like that movie ground hog day. Probably because it's winter and there is not a whole lot to do with three recovering monkeys. We go outside, we come in. We go to the usual haunts on the usual days. There is not a lot of spontaneity on a 30 degree day in late January. I yearn to go places again and do things outside, beyond these walls. Can you tell?
Anyway, we finally got to play again. The kids have not really been with other kids for a whole week. This dreaded cold from hell, which we still can't shake the annoying cough. Anyway Saturday, the kids had a 6 hour play date. M got her girl time in with one of her best buds. K got to hang with a good friend of his as well. E had a really hard time. He was off the wall. He was angry, demanding, not nice, clingy. You know all the things you want your kid to be when you have guests over for dinner. So I drank a few extra brewskis to keep me in mellow mode. I wish E liked the taste cause he could of used one!  I'm glad they are good friends, and were so understanding. But he was a tyrant.
 Today, we had more good friends over for a short play before pottery. Waldorf Julie and Ryan came over for a while. the kids had a good time, ran around, ate, played, expended pent up energy. We should have got them out earlier. It was actually a decent day weather wise. E was a mess again. Just seemed really tired, and irritable. Lashing out at who ever, where ever.  I remember K being really hard at this age, but E is like 2 K's. If you ever met E, you would say, he was intense, high spirited, driven, hard headed. He is something, and I'm sure one day these will be valuable qualities, but right now, he be killing me.
Oh hey, I have seen so much wildlife in the past few days. We saw a good size Coyote, in the road last week. He was alive, not road hash. He ran out in front of us. But there was plenty of time to slow down. He got all confused and freaked when he saw us. He ran in circles, and decided to head back into the woods, I was so happy, I looked back at M and she rolled her eyes at me. So, I rolled back at her and she got mad!
  Hee hee.
The deer have been all over here. Mostly young does, but I shot that picture of the buck Sunday afternoon. He came to the creek to drink with his girlfriend. He headed back up on the deer trail that leads to my camera. I hope we got some pictures on that thing already.
 Umm, the other picture is of my tribe getting wild, E has no pants!
 I have been wondering why no birds have been coming to our feeders. But I think we have that figured out. The other day there were a mess of squirrels digging up hickory nuts, and then they all flattened out and took off. This great big red tailed hawk came out of the sky and landed on a branch above the feeder. If he's hanging out here, it's going to be pretty barren at the all you can eat!
 Oh, I gotta run, the kids found an old Tom and Jerry! Remember the one where the hick uncle mouse comes to visit Jerry and he is practicing his songs and he keeps breaking strings and plucking Tom's whiskers? "You know, I need a gitar strang?" "Froggy went a courtin' and he did ride, Cr cr cr Cram-bone!"
Good times!...-K

Sunday, January 27, 2008

weekend ramblings

Hmm, it's Sunday. Interesting how time just cruises when it isn't a weekday.
Saturday, M and I had eye doctor appointments. I pretty much knew I needed glasses and I was kind of sure M did too. I was right twice.
Apparently, I am nearsighted. I have a touch of astigmatism, and an enlarged optic nerve on one eye, probably genetic. It could also be early stages of glaucoma. So, I definitely need a recheck next year.

M is far sighted, no other issues.

We will pick up new fashion eye wear next weekish.

What I did not know, and was shocked to find out, was how much a pair of glasses cost.

Holy crap!

And not covered by insurance. But they did give 15% off. Not sure if my insurance did, or the eye doctor place?

M's glasses were not the prob. They were a packaged deal. 150.00

My glasses were crazy. Adult frames that were in the 150.00 were crap. Thin bits of metal and fugly.

So I middle of the roaded on a nice frame. In the low 200.00's. Then there are two lens packages to pick from. Crappy scratchy lenses with a tiny warranty or the better package, with much better anti scratch, 14 month warranty on lenses and frames. There was a 70.00 difference, but it made sense so I chose those.

Of course, when I am driving in unfamiliar territory, I should be using them. You know, so I can actually read the street signs before I pass them. So I opted to get the lenses that go in stealthy sun glass mode by themselves. Because I would need custom clip ones for my magnetic frames, because of the trendy shape. The cost between the two was like 50 bucks. Knowing me, the clip ones are just another thing to loose.

So 400.00 and something later. I have glasses.

Wow! I probably got majorly ripped off. But I know nothing about glasses. I had no desire to drive around or price shop. I figure hopefully, I'll get a few years before my RX changes and when they do change, I will just swap out the lenses. They predict M will not need glasses in the next two years. Me on the other hand, have not got youth on my side. My prescription will progressively get stronger over time. They said it would stop my frequent headaches from reading and computer use though. So I guess over the course of a year or two, they will be totally worth the cost. I mean I do need them. but damn.

I will look at glasses a whole lot differently now. I had no idea that they could cost so darn much. I mean maybe if you bought some Prada, Gucci, nonesense, but just nice well made attractive glasses? whatever.

I posted a photo of M and I without glasses, and when we pick them up we will do a special glasses pose for you all.

SOO not exciting...-K

Friday, January 25, 2008

Not going to post about illness

We are in full recovery mode and I will not mention anything that relates to sickness. It has gotten far too much attention here this last week.
We are doing well, we are happy, well rested. We ate veggie burgers for lunch for good measure, with a side of veggies to boot. We even had apples for a snack. We shall overcome!
So, time for a little Aero Garden update. It is going gangbusters. There are herbs, growing in my kitchen. In January. The skeptic seems a little less skeptical. Maybe we will get a mini first harvest in a few more weeks. 
It's soulfully refreshing to see some green tender shoots spring to life, even if artificially, in the house. It's such a vibrant contrast to the gray and white barren existence just feet away outside of the window.
 I am so done with winter! We have like 9 or 10 weeks left till some warmer weather arrives. Sure, there will be teaser days, interrupted by the reality of the true seasons nature. You know, those amazing days when you can actually feel the sun warm your face. That is the best feeling ever. And Robins strutting around plucking worms from the thawed land, and, and the sound of song birds returning to welcome the longer days and warming temperatures. 
Soon, the seed catalogs will appear, and rub it in even further. And the daydreams of coop designs and goat kids are like salt on my raw anticipations.
Nothing anybody can do about it.
Damn it.
But if that punk ass ground hog declares 6 more weeks of this shit, I will personally introduce him to my slow cooker.
That's right, Phil.-K

Thursday, January 24, 2008

blog motivation

I read one of my favorite blogs today. This one right here:
Her post titled "Projects" motivated me to get things going here. The past few days, I have been on sick duty and my post was the couch. It is quite amazing how quickly a few days off makes the place look like it was neglected for a month. It was looking like, well, a bunch of sick people lived in it. 
I felt my health could go either way this morning. I was and am still feeling a little sickly. But the constant task of cleaning, and organizing, and de virusing, kept my mid off it. I accomplished quite a bit. The upstairs of the house looks great, the downstairs will need some finalizing tomorrow.
While I was thoroughly engulfed in a cleaning frenzy, the kids did quite a bit of learning. The morning was a bit rough. E was in a crapaliscious mood and he got the others feathers ruffled. There were tears, high emotions, and a lot of coming to me. Imagine the frustration when I told them that I was not the one fighting, and they would have to work it out. There were doors slamming, and screaming, but with in an hour they were all lonely and looking for each other. I have become pretty hands off with their interpersonal problems, unless there is violence.
They went on as a merry band. They made sandwiches by themselves, they even sort of cleaned up. They raided the game closet and did puzzles, and phonics matching, and match the Mama to the baby animal games. And they were helping each other. M was pronouncing beginning sounds for K, to help him find the letter, sweeeet! M and E worked on a puzzle. M really was patient with E, who forces incorrect pieces together. She had enough and they all helped each other sort the pieces and put them back in the correct boxes. 
It was a frigging fairy tale. 
All the while I was doing my own project. 
I just could not take it. 
It was beyond the perfect unschool image that I could have possibly conjured up in my warped, ever daydream filled brain box. 
So that was excessive joy, whatever.
So, M and I had an interesting conversation. She asked if her friend Georgia was home from school. So I said yes, probably, but maybe she has homework. We should call after dinner. She said. Mom, if she is at school for so long, why does she have to do work at home? I said why do you think? She said because school is very defective.
I think she meant inefficient, she often mixes those up, but I thought it was funny.
I just smiled. I try not to bash school ( too much). You never know what the future holds, but I think she has her own ideas already.-K
P.S The kids are doing 50% better, I expect 75% tomorrow :>)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


See, now he really is sick!
I heard the rattle chest cough last night in the early hours of morning. He woke up stuffy and said "I AM SICK!" In a very defeated tone.
 My old self, may have unconsciously said some obnoxious jab like, "See, that's what you get for faking it yesterday." or something equally useless and un comforting. 
 But my reformed more mindful style of parenting was very careful to just disregard my minds chatter, and say I'm sorry your not feeling well, let's make medicine tea and oatmeal and chill on the couch today.
I am currently reading a few books, and one of them relevant to this post is a book called "Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves" by Naomi Aldort.
 It is a good book, but lengthy and repetitive. I got the total gist half way through, but I am gleaning some useful tidbits from the later chapters as well. If you are already unschooling, or relaxed, or a gentle parent, a lot of the info in this book will seem so obvious. However, it does give examples on how to use the method more effectively, or how you can use words or the lack of, to help prevent volatile situations. It's all about validation, and how anger loses steam once your child believes he has been heard and acknowledged. It really has changed a lot about the way I see human nature in general.
Anyway, we are a sickly tribe right now. I think I am doomed. My ears are tweaking, and I have that weird feeling in my head. Like when you shake your head side to side and you stop but it feels like it's still swirling. The sick wiggles. I'm sure it has to do with the inflamed ear canal and fluid and all that sort of stuff.
 E is the worse off. His ears ache. I have been sticking warm garlic oil in there, and now he smells appetizing. Maybe he really is edible!
 K is on a slow downward spiral. He has been a fine patient, lapping up all my immune boosting concoctions. Mostly he is sleeping.
M is sniffling, looks pale, but is chipper. She is zoning out to monster quest, next she wants bizarre foods.
For now, I am just along for the ride. No one is hungry, so I just keep harassing them with fluids and blankets.
It's going to be a long week.-K

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today was a funny sort of day. We did our morning lounging routine. K seemed to be well, unvirused as it were. He ate a biggish breakfast and a smallish lunch. We piled in the car and drove to preschool. 
He fell asleep on the way.
Moms know that this could go either way.
He might wake up cheerful or he might wake up angry,
Either it's a power nap, or not nearly enough.
It was the latter. 
He woke up crying, and said he did not feel well. He did feel warmish, he did look paleish. 
I convinced him to go check out what his class was doing. He agreed, They were playing outside and he wanted no part of that. They were about to go to music. He still was not having it. I believed him that he wasn't well, and that he did not want to go. So we bailed.
We ran a few errands, E started puking, and we headed home. 
We get home and I carry him downstairs. I prop up pillows, cover him up, bring him cookies, a drink with echinacea, astralgus, in some airborne. We were headed straight into sick mode. He looks up at me with this cheeky little smile.
"Did I look sick today?"
Yes, I said. "Aren't you?"
He giggles, "I tricked you!"
"I was just tired and grumpy."
 I laughed and said "Yes, you tricked me, but you could of just said that you were tired and grumpy."
"Didn't I look like I was grumpy?"
"Yes, so..."
"SO?" he says.
 Damn it, he has got a point. I should have just listened to him, instead of cajoling him in there trying to change his mind. That was not very validating.  And I kind of made him say he was sick by not recognizing his overtired and grumpy nature. 
Lesson learned.
So then he goes on to say how he was able to not go to class, you know, boasting.
 So I said "Well, soon you won't have a school not to go to" You know, trying to one up him.
He retorts "Well, then I'll have to try to get out of home" as in home school.
Little punk. But I'll keep him around because he has a funny way of helping me wash the dishes.-K

Monday, January 21, 2008


Not me though. Poor E. He is so pathetic right now. Stuffy, squinty, smooshy and sweet. A nice side effect from his virus is that he is calm and will sit and let you snuggle with him. Poor, sick baby.
He started getting sick on Sunday. Aysen and Koray came over and made some Etli ekmek, Basically it's Turkish Pizza and it's very yummy. We washed it down with Ayran, a salty yogurt drink, and beer of course. E was pretty perky during the making process. He likes to cook, so no virus can hold him off of active participation. After eating a slice, he just crashed and burned. So we just layed around on the couch. I thought he would fall asleep easily. But he just stayed awake.
He stayed a sleep most of the night. A touch of fever. This morning went well. He made his own sandwich. Cream cheese and honey to be exact. Things were going well all day. We layed low and stayed inside.
M had pottery this evening. The boys and I looked at sculptures, and visited a quirky toy shop across the street. Things were going great. E was coughing and spreading germs around like a champ.
 We picked up M and headed out. We have to park in a parking garage and I was holding E's hand trying to keep up with M and K. I noticed E was just slowing down. I turned around to see what was up, and he was just barfing all over. There was a trail of puke piles behind us. Down his jacket, it was just lovely.
He is a silent puker, I guess. No retching, no gagging, he just kept putting one foot in front of the other.
 So of course I feel like just the most stellar Mother in the world. So I said "Oh man, E are you ok?" He says. "I not feeling really well right now" I said,  "I know your stomach hurts, huh?" He said" yeah." We make it to the car with out further incident.
Being that we have a new car, that only smells like new right now, I asked E if he thought he might be done puking. 
he says" Oh, I finished now, I not puke in the new car, I OK"
 What a sweet, sick, perceptive baby boy.
Just to be safe I put all of our jackets all around him.
 We made it home, sans puke.
He ate applesauce for dinner. He is snuggling with A on the couch.
Although we feel terrible for him, we are loving his quietness.
K's cheeks are very red, I wonder what tomorrow will bring?-K 

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Here I am

No post since Thursday.

Let me see if I can recap.
Friday, the old car went to the shop for an oil change and a clean up before being relinquished. It looked pretty darn good upon it's return, and I almost wanted to keep it. However, I was tired of silver and was looking forward to red pearl. Plus, it just did not have that new car smell. I love new car smell. Old silver still had a hint of lemon from that exploded can of herbal bug spray. I wonder if the new owners will pick up on that. I wonder what kind of family will be riding in old silver. Will they have kids or dogs? Or neither? Maybe it will be a college kid in a band loading all his band equipment in it. You just don't know. I'll try not to think of it often. Maybe I'll recognize it on the road one day and new red can flash it's lights and say howdy. This is dumb. let's move on shall we?

So anyway, we just hung out here. I cleaned and cooked, and read. The kids played with boxes. They spent hours coloring and cutting. In and out, in and out. They were planes, cars, a bat mobile, a baby container. They moved, hid, ran around, piled them, yelled in them, were quiet in in them, and they played for hours. With boxes.

Saturday came, and new red appeared. She is striking. For a mini van. We played with configuration possibilities for the inside seating arrangements until we got it just right. I was not thrilled with old silvers seating. There was a lot of wasted space. Now there is not.

K had swim. Continues to do great. Still high energy. His teacher has developed a sense of humor about his antics. I think he is becoming her favorite in that time slot. One kid is a cryer, so he is out. The other kid is aloof and does not try. Then there is K swimming his heart out, even if it's the wrong direction or some kind of wacky moves she did not ask for. And he smiles and gives her a thumbs up to boot. She giggles at him. A lot.

Saturday night was fun. Even though we did nothing. A put E to bed because we just could not take him anymore. He gets in this weird jumping mode. Especially when we are all sitting on the couch. He just jumps on people, all the time. Even if you have hot tea in your hand. He is on your back, your legs your neck. He pulls your hair, he pinches. Why? We can't figure it out. Then if/when we get mad at him. He attaches his lips to your lips and you can't breathe or hardly pry him off. Then he says "I sorry", or "I ove you guys" We always give him more chances, but it's always the same. We just have to retire him.

A always falls a sleep while putting a child down. So that left me, M and K up. Well, we found out that one of our faves was on. Monster Quest! Yes! You know, that's where there they go in search of Sasquatch, loch ness, UFOs, the Jersey devil, the kids are just. so. engrossed. They love it. There are not scared but amazed. They always look out the windows into the woods with wider eyes. Or up into the starry skies longer. It's great to have them wonder, what if?, or maybe that's not a deer track but a Minotaur! I may be a freakazoid, but I dig on the kids really looking at things with a questioning perspective. Sure it looks like a, but could it really be b? Discuss amongst yourselves....

We stayed up till midnight. K was so excited about everything. He was just talking about so much. Last night, monster quest was in Sumatra looking for this creature called orang pandex. It was like a monkey human. He was on so many topics. Evolution, forensics, tracking, coffee, rain forests, DNA, documentation, equator, myths, research, facts and beliefs, continents, safety, I can't even remember what else we discussed. It was great. He was vibrating with enthusiasm for the conversation. M was just so annoyed that she could not hear the TV.

On Monday there is a great program coming on. They have been advertising it for weeks. The kids can't take it. It's on Monday, 9 pm, the History Channel. I think it's called After humans, or the world after people. I can't remember. Basically, it's about the sudden extinction of people and how the animals and ecology, environment will take re possession of our cities. It looked wild. Like there was this one scene, where the empire state building is a structured forest inhabited with all sorts of animals. Hang on, look at this link:

Can't wait!!

So onto today, Sunday. M, K and I slept in. We had my bed, as E and A crashed in E's bed. We got up and ate breakfast and made cracker candy. We were supposed to do that last night, but we were all about the monsters. I saw the recipe here:

It could not be easier to make! So delish. Really, it is super great. I mean how could it not be, toffee, chocolate, nuts, over crackers, Mmmmm.

Oh, I checked on the deer camera and moved it twice. I did get a picture of a squirrel! Can you believe it! There were deer tracks all over, just a tree line below the camera. I think they smell human and stay away. It's crazy. Anyway, I am repositioning it again today. I will get deer pictures damn it! Or maybe a Sasquatch.-K

Thursday, January 17, 2008

my thursday ravings

So I awoke in the wee hours to a dog with tummy trouble who wanted out. The last time we ignored his plea, we ended up with crap in the dining room. I got up, he went out.

I was feeling domestic today. I caught up with laundry. I vacuumed. I have been trying to control my vacuuming addiction. I only permit myself to every other day. It's hard for me to see crumbs on the floor.

It hurts my very soul.

I am troubled.

I have renewed my interest in the crock pot. I am finally dusting off this great crock pot recipe book.

"Not your Mothers Slow Cookers Cookbook" by Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann.

It's a great book. It has really interesting, fancier recipes. By fancy I mean not like throw a slab of chicken, a can of beer, and some carrots and sauce and check it 4 hours. For instance, it has duck breast with port wine sauce, and salsa chili and cilantro cream, and Victoria's lamb shank braised with garlic, rosemary and white wine.

Huh? lamb with white wine. I would not have guessed that.

Oh snap!, they do have Chicken and beer!

See they have everything. Sometimes, they have weird ingredients that I don't have. So I just use what I have, and it taste fine. They have a lot of vegetarian dishes as well. I have been on a bean kick. Tonight I crocked up some sausage bean concoction ( not very vegetarian). The other day, we had chick peas and chard. Last week, it was crocked lentils. All very good. I am not coordinated enough to plan my meals in advance. Even when I try, it's touch and go. I have to try to wrangle the kids long enough in the store to buy them all anyway.

Shopping with kids is such a crap shoot, isn't it? Either they are fine or they suck. I've learned to just count your losses and bail. It can get quite messy if you think that you can just get the last bits done. It just is not worth it. Eat what you got in the bags and be happy. Even if it's beans, salmon, bananas, sweet potatoes, and chewable vitamins. Suck it up and swallow it down, tomorrow is another day.

So today, was another driving day. 40 min south for preschool and violin. I took a bunch of photos of the kids playing at Earthplace in Westport, CT. for your viewing pleasure.

They have fun, but it's draining. My kids like to run and they are quite gregarious. Sometimes, glee filled children scare other parents and they complain. So I feel like I am always paranoid that they may be laughing too loud, or running, or playing too animatedly.

I hate the every two minute mantra of "slow down, not so loud, don't get so excited, don't be so happy with yourself"... Such BS, so we only go now and then, cause it pisses me off. It's not a museum, it's a PLAY SPACE.

Kids playing is not an adult activity. It is messy, loud and fast paced. They need to expel energy, or they go mental. Not too many kids are outside expelling energy in New England right now. So expecting them to walk is just asking them to be....

I'm so sorry. I'm off on a tangent again. Sorry. I do that sometimes. Pax understands my frustration, as do others there. But, it's a public space and they have to make it appeal to all. Not just the likes of certain parents who get it, with really cool kids who have a zest for life and are actually allowed to experience it.

Oh just see the photo's. It is a wonderful space, and you should go if you are in the area.

Despite my personal frustrations, it is a gem, and I do love it. And if you are one of the parents in the be quiet and use your inside voice camp. I'm sorry. I can't help it.-K

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

running around

Sorry for the late post today, and a no post yesterday. I was all over the place.
K had preschool, we had a Barnes and Noble run. I love browsing the bargain books. We may have spent a hundred dollars, but we came home with a lot.

It's girl scout cookie time, so M was trying her sales pitch. She is getting better each time she asks someone to please buy some boxes.

We played for a while after preschool, and then we had to head home. I fully expected traffic at the four o'clock hour.

"Que Seurte! "

There was nada.

We came home, let the dogs out and fed them, watered the chickens, fed the parrots, ate dinner, loaded the wood stove, and we were back on the road. I had a homeschool group meeting to attend, A had a meeting of his own, and the kids had a playdate with my lovely SIL. Thanks, Aysen!

So we met at Panera's. I have never been to a Panera's. I ate a cookie and that was good, but the Latte was amazing! I mean the foam on this puppy could have suspended a quarter. It was possibly the best Latte I have ever had. And I have had many a Latte.

The meeting went well. Lot's of ideas. Everyone is excited for field trips and exposure to something new. Everybody just wants lots of diverse activities, chances to experience raw hands on or first hand experiences, utilizing community resources, and creating a human data base. The human data base would connect people to each other. Enabling a person to learn new skills or gain information from real people who have a passion for a certain subjects. They could hand down their knowledge to a child or adult that was interested. How great would that be?

I could teach a child to fish, or set up a saltwater fishtank.

Joe's dad is a master woodworker.

So and so is a passionate knitter.

See how that goes.

Good stuff.

Anyway, I'm sure this is all stuff that plenty would not find interesting. But I hate not posting. This is what I have been up to.

Today is homeschool meet up or playgroup, or however you want to call it. It's at a new facility. With a big gym.

Lots of possibilities.

Maybe even Yoga!

Which is good because the only decent class I found for the kids clashed with M's pottery class.

Things always seem to work out.

E is wandering around the house saying "Ayudame!"

I should probably go and check on that.-K

Monday, January 14, 2008

snow day

We were supposed to get blasted with snow. We didn't. We only got about 3 inches. That was enough to build a snowman with grandpa, and sled, and roll in the snow. I still did not get my home science tool shipment, so I could not freeze snowflakes and look at them under the microscope. Bummed.

Yesterday, while the weather was clear, I walked around the property and snapped photo's for a certain friend of mine. His name is not Pax. He really could care less about the goings on of this place. Nope. Pax does not, under any circumstances, want to see these pics:

The pics at the end are of the gang today, doing snowy stuff.

M had her first pottery class tonight. The one that she has been asking for two years to take. I finally found one that has a real studio, and they do real pottery. One that takes kids art work more seriously. They do not focus on one project that all the kids must do, just so, all the same. She can do a project as she wishes, and use real tools.

So far she loves it. She made a friend. She does not know her name, but she has green eyes.

Oh, my lease is up on my van on Saturday. I get a new one. I am getting the same make and model, just a different color.

My battery was dead again today.

But I am not buying a new battery.

Because, I have 5 days till we get a new van.

One that does not smell like sour milk.

herbal bug spray.

something moldy.

5 days.-K

Sunday, January 13, 2008

got a goatie.

We got a goat, we got a goat!
Well, we don't have her here yet. Her name is Leyla. She is Nigerian Dwarf/LaMancha cross. So she is actually called a mini mancha. That's her, the black one behind E's head.

I originally wanted a Nigerian Dwarf. When I talked to the goat farmer, and told her we wanted to drink lots of the milk, she said a cross breed would be better drinking milk. The best thing is, is that Ms. Leyla is pregnant! Which means we will try and get the barn ready and bring her home in the end of February and have her kid(s) here.

Baby goat birthing. In my barn. We watch. Baby goats. All mine.

I need a paper bag to hyperventilate in.

We are excited to possibly see the birth of twins or triplets. I hope they are girls!

Goats, goats, goats, goats!

We picked her because she was being bullied, and she was really unhappy there. She will do better just living with her babies here. She is black and white, and so very sweet. In fact, all of the goats were just so gentle with the kids, and followed them around like pups. They even tolerated E. I was actually surprised no one butted him. He harassed the ducks, chickens and guineas. He was finally humbled, by Jack the huge gentle giant horse.
It was such a great trip that took us to the border, literally, of Massachusetts. It was such a great little farm. It teamed with creatures, and hay smells, and livestock sounds. It was perfect.

So in a few weeks, we have to re establish a stall, get all the supplies, put up a fence, and pick up our big fat PREGNANT goat.

Goat, goat, goat, goat, goat, GOAT.

Man, I am so loving my life these days.-k

Saturday, January 12, 2008


After K's swim, we are going north to meet some pregnant goats, who may be carrying our kid. Ha! that sounds funny.  
They are due to kid in March.
 Goats in spring! For us! what a dream!
Anyway, this is where we are headed,
Pictures and an update later...-k

Friday, January 11, 2008

signing in.

Hi there-
I am posting from my new imac mini. So far, so good. What do you think? Do my words look faster? Are they more intuitive? Do I sound hipper now?
There is a bit of a learning curve going on here. Like, A and I could not figure out how to get on the Internet.
How dumb is that?
We could not find the icon.
Then after about 10 min of searching and trying this and that. I remembered.
I heard someone mention that once on a message board. Mac and safari, something or other about internet.
 I retain lots of tidbits of information.
I know lots of of info about lots of things. I, however do not know a lot of info about one or even a few things. If I did, I could have like, a career or something, or even publish a book.
Maybe one day I can write a book about all of the random bits of info I have collected. It could be titled "All of the Crap I know".  It would not be very complete or interconnected. It would sound disjointed and jumpy. It may cause schizophrenia by reading it for sustained periods. It would need a disclaimer.
Maybe, I will just continue playing around with this new, small wonder machine. Collecting more trivial knowledge. You know, so I can have more than like 3 chapters in my book.
Oh, it's raining here again, a lot. So no pictures again.
Now there is thunder. Oh, I hope my deer camera will be OK. It would be my luck, that it gets ruined before we even catch a squirrel on that thing. I will resist all urges to go check on it. My goal is to make it at least a week.
We'll see.
Excuse me, I am going to get more mac savvy.-k
PS. Thank you for hooking everything up at 5 am, and making things go wireless around here, A. You have my gratitude and my love. Forever, like a stalker.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

not a real post for today.

I started up the aero garden yesterday. I said I would follow it's progress. whether you are interested or not. That means I should probably post pictures of it's very mundane start. So I did. The seeds that are currently germanating from the Italian Herb kit are, Purple Basil, Parsley, Chives, Mint, Italian Basil, Cilantro, and Dill. I suppose I will post again when it sprouts. Hope your day is lovely, all of your interactions peaceful, and your attitude towards all that encompasses you, stellar. Namaste!-K

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

so I lied.

I was supposed to be snapping pictures of the property today, but it was gross and muddy. I am usually not a clean, squeamish person, in fact I like to get dirty. But the ground has been thawing here, and your shoes sink in and the dirt sticks to the sides of your shoes type muddy. And it was overcast. It was not the pictures that I had in my head. I was thinking cherry, bright, positive, full of possibility photos. We already have the barren, dead look of winter here. Throw in the gray and the mud, and well it looks a trifle depressing. Maybe tomorrow.

So, it was playgroup today. A bunch of nutty homeschoolers. Kids too. It was a large gathering and one family of four kids was missing, (ANI, where were you?) So it would have been larger.

Played outside for a bit but it was muddy and then a chilly wind started a blowin'. We headed in. M immediately grouped with the girls, and played all kinds of girly games, and beaded necklaces, and bonded with new friends. She was happy.

K was shy, it's hard for him to just jump in. He has trouble navigating socially. Always has, most likely always will. He finds one friend, and that's all he needs. He did well though, ventured in. Played a game of sorry with the big boys, played by himself, joined in a paper airplane fight, made a friend with a girl, named Juliet. He is still talking about her. I asked him if it was love, he said NO it was a GIRL.

E, well he is quite sure of himself. Maybe a little too sure. He was all over the place. Stopping social injustices, hogging things he wanted, trying to punch big boys with his eyes all squinty. Putting his hands on his hips, surveying things. He is something. I am happy that he will never be bullied, and I am so glad he is self confident and assertive. I see K, his opposite, struggle. I am glad he doesn't. But if he could just tone it down. Just a little bit. That's like telling a lion to be more mouseish. Not going to happen.

So it was fun, all these people. Looks like we are going to have a great year. There is a group planning meeting on the 15 th. Lot's of new classes, new field trips. Just so many wonderful possibilities.

I am so glad my kids are here, doing this. It has been the greatest journey. I have never been happier than I am right now. And it keeps getting better. The older they get, the more opportunities. And homeschool kids are just so cool.

I did not witness one fight ( except E, but he is 3), one harsh word, one exclusion. The big kids were gracious to the littles, kind when they interrupted a game. There was no swearing. They played respectfully amongst each other. There were various activities going on in this room, board games, beading, imaginative play, tag, airplane fights, and it was seamless. It's an amazing thing to see. There is no peer pressure, no one seems uncool, or left out. Everybody is there for a good time. It isn't a fashion show, or who has the new tech. It's just playing.


The Moms are fun to meet and talk to. Everybody has a different story and are trying to learn new things, and get really excited about starting new activities and finding different things that fire up their kids.

It's inspiring to be around people who really connect on this level with their kids. It's amazing to see the parents interact with their kids. The relationships between parent and child are level, in sync, and deep.

More people should homeschool.

Kids need socialization.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I think that today was boring in terms of blogging. But, I will try to write something.


Went to drive k to pre school, well I guess it's pre homeschool. Anyway, my car was dead. I was kind of happy because it was another amazing day in terms of weather. The kids were collecting bucket fulls of rocks from the creek in a very organized manner. Something or other about making a campfire. So I thought that it was a good omen of sorts. The universe aligning in zen ways of keeping us centered in the moment,


That what it sounds like when a synapse fires.

I hear it every now and then.

We need food, and I have a few errands that I have to run. So we are going. I call A to come home and jump the car. When I get the jumpers out of the trunk, I notice that there were 2 boxes from Apple. Yes sir, my Mac has arrived. Sweet! The kids are computer hogs, so we need two in the house. I have had Mac envy for a while, so I dove right in on that too.

Anyway, so we were late for school again. I never have made it there on time. I think in the beginning when I try uber hard, but that fades pretty quickly. It never helps that it is 35 min south of us either. But it's a cool place, so it's worth the drive.

Oh! Brian's super cool Xmas present arrived ( He got us an aeroponic indoor garden. Tonight I will set it up with the seed pods and all. I'll take pics of it's progress. We are starting with herbs. He also got us a cherry tomato kit. The kids want to do the strawberry ones. I think it will be fun. A is skeptical and thinks it will be a dud.

We'll see.

We did indeed put the deer camera out tonight. I think I check it to often. So I am not going near it for a week. I hope some damn animal crosses the beam. Even a squirrel.

We'll see.

When I unloaded the groceries today, I found a big pile of E's "jewels" except when he says it, it sounds just like drools. Those are the bucket of rocks they collected. There is a nice pile in the garage now. He likes rocks, a lot.

Our freind Pax wants pictures of our property and pre farm shots. So I can update with all that we do to make it farmly. He hates me. He wants goats and chickens too. I'll share with you, pax, I promise. So tomorrow, I will take some photos around here. It will be fun to see it grow into something small, quaint, and special.

Sorry for the random photos from today, it's all I have. Tomorrow will be more.....something.