Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Don't play with fire

Stand back!
You'll burn yourselves!
That's not safe!
Put that down!
This is not funny,
Do you know how dangerous fire can be!
This is not a game!
Just look at what your teaching your baby brother!
Umm, how to handle fire under supervision, so we can learn how it behaves, so maybe we won't be tempted to learn on our own in a dangerous situation because no one ever let us explore in a safe setting? 
The best life skills and lessons are always shared, never taught...-K

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hi there!
 I did not exactly mean to not post for this long...
 but that is how my ball bounced.
And this big, delightful, love muffin, has captured all of my spare moments!

 Since Sunday afternoon.
 And we like her SOOO much!
Remember this barn of ours?
 Well, look at it now!
 It is pretty now, and I love going up there.
 It took nearly a year to get it done,
 but it is beyond awesome to really have it.
 And to have her in it.
I thank my lucky stars everyday, and really should thank my husband even more for this gift, this life.
 For me, for us, but mostly for the kids.
Having all this life around who depend on us, and who we tend with so much love,
is the best lesson they will ever have.-K

Friday, December 26, 2008

The big day

E was up first.
 I sent him to wake K,
 who we then sent to wake M.
Getting ready to head down to wake up Grandma and Grandpa!
Kinda looking shell shocked...
Racing to the stockings.
E always pokes around for the sweet stuff,
K just dumps,
 and M always finds the pretty things.
Patiently waiting for the others.
 They are more than meets the eye.
Rechecking stockings,
 You never know!
 K got a helicopter, and he is smitten.
 But I think the older boys like it too!
Daddy got golf lessons!
Great Grandma woke up.
 The kids had the best time listening to all her "OLD" stories.
From Bunny love,
to Daddy violence,
Dino building,
Mmm, cake!
Happy belly's,
 to look at that!
What a day. 
What a great day.-K

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

Special treat run for a friend.
Cookies for Santa!
Good bye, Mister. We will miss you terribly. 
See you in a year, OK?.
 "Mom, we think the tree should stay."
Hung by the chimney with care..
cutting time.
 The Christmas Eve/Birthday bunnies are here!
Can she play pirate?
Prettying the treats.
Real pretty.
Yoga to help calm over excited boys...
 Gotta love party crackers!
And it went on.
 For a good bit.-K